Label consistency between Vanilla & Unflavored

Huel vanilla lists:

Total Fat: 65.0g
Saturated Fat: 17.0g

Huel Unflavored & Unsweetened lists:

Total Fat: 65g
Saturated Fat: 17g

Notice the lack of decimal point and a zero. Usually this indicates the accuracy of the number, but I believe it is a printing error. Can you please make the numbers consistent between the two Huel versions?

Additionally, there should be a small space between any number and its unit. Can you please fix this typesetting?

Not sure if serious…


Great attention to detail, I’m sure someone will sort that out :slight_smile:

Yes, I am serious.

4.In a number with a decimal point, trailing zeros, those to the right of the last non-zero digit, are significant.”

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Hi there,

Thank you for getting in touch regarding those couple of points. I have been aware of the inconsistency of significant figures between Vanilla and UU, the error was corrected for v2.0 labels. I didn’t think it was important enough to reprint labels and dispose of the other incorrect v1.2 labels. Rest assured this is consistent on v2.0.

As for the space before the unit, I was not aware that there was such a rule as such. However, we had experimented with a space after the digit but it looked very strange and we won’t be changing it because of this. Perhaps a better way for us to do this would be to add the unit after the name, like with our Vitamin and Minerals section.

Saturated fat (g) 12.1

Thank you for the awesome attention to detail, very helpful.

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Thank you for taking time to look into what I report and making improvements to the v2.0 label. I only want to help Huel grow, and this is the least I can do aside from buying the product and spreading the word :slight_smile:

Naturally, there is no reason to reprint labels due to such minor issues.

Regarding the space between numbers and units, and other minor typesetting/layout concerns, please do experiment and find what looks best or is most consistent/convenient. I recognize that it is not an easy job, given the size constraints of the label and the information you wish to provide.

I am merely bringing attention to this due to there possibly being some EU/UK regulations or guidelines - and adhering to them may make Huel looks even more like a professional product. For example, I spotted the v2.0 label now includes the European estimated sign (e-mark) near the product mass.

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Yes we have included the estimated sign now, the reason for including it previously was actually because the bags were hand filled, as opposed to using a machine to weigh them! So previously we could not have included the symbol.

I’m struggling to parse these sentences and understand their meaning. Are there multiple inconsistencies in these sentences, or is it just me?

Is it the case that the estimated sign was present previously, or not? Are the bags hand filled now, or not? And whenever they were hand filled, was the estimated sign present?