Lack of vitamin D

i’ve been taking huel since september 2018
2 x day on weekdays (morning and noon) - 500ml water and three scoops
untill now no bad experiences, on the contrary have less ‘dips’ in the afternoon then before
the thing is since beginning this month i’ve been experiencing dizzyness
i went on a small 5 day vacation and took no huel then, the day after coming back the dizzyness started
went to the GP and prescribed me bètahistine to prevent the dizzyness but one week later it’s still there
so then we decided to take a bloodtest…
results are in and apparantly my vitamin D level is way too low
so i have to take in supplements for at least three months now (i will be using drops in the huel)
but i mistakingly took for granted that taking the 2/d Huel would give me enough vitamin D supplement, so that is not the case?

but all in all i’m still happy to use it, it just shows you cannot put all your cards on one thing

feedback is welcome!

Interesting. Unfortunately Vitamin D deficiency is common. One of the worst deficiencies in the world. In the UK it may be worth taking a supplement in the winter months anyway.

This is odd.

If by 2x a day you mean 500kcal x 2 then you will be having 120% of the recommended vitamin D requirement. This doesn’t include vitamin D that you may be getting from other dietary sources.

We also include both vitamin D2 and D3 in Huel powder.

@hunzas is right a lack of vitamin D is quite common, affecting around 1 in 5. Lack of sunlight is an issue because we can produce vitamin D from sunlight.

These NHS links might be really helpful for you: and


i’ll see how it goes with taking the supplemental vitamin D drops, because my gut feeling still thinks there’s maybe something else wrong with me idk

also thanks to confirm that with the huel dose i’m taking I should have enough vitamin D

i’m still baffled about everything that happened… will be going two weeks away in July and won’t be taking huel then either