Vitamin D test results

Here is my Vitamin D test results I got today, I have 3 Huels a day. The lower result was done in October 2017 before I came across Huel.
My recent one shows a drop in vitamin D but according to the ranges I am adequate, even though it’s just over the 50 mark. That’s what the NHS are saying, I think I will get.some vit D tabs though to boost it seen its winter.
Feb 2019,


Oct 2017

Could this not just be due to the time of year?

In October - you’ll have come from the summer / probably some last few sunny days before winter and thus naturally had higher vitamin D levels compared to Feb where you’ll have had months of dark evenings and lack of sunshine.

Hi Paul mate welcome to the forum.
Yes it probably is, I did think that myself being the end of summer. Also the February one was good really being in winter, I am though taking some Vit D as a top now until the summer. Hopefully it will be a hot sunny summer anyway :smiley:

My blood vitamin D values are also insufficient, although I’m getting more than enough theoretically from my Huel consumption. I supplement with (prescribed) monthly shots. Apparently there is a huge difference in uptake rates between people, so one of the reasons might be that.

I take a vegan D3 supplement and B12. Not just because I am a vegan but because many people in the UK are deficient in at least one of them.

I take a D3 25ug supplement all year round. I have been for years now. I keep meaning to do an up to date blood test.