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Hi James, @JamesCollier

The vitamin D problem was linked to Sarcoidosis all I can tell you is the usual blood test showed I was deficient, but after several months the consultant became suspicious and ordered a ‘gold top’ test. this was very different and quite costly as I understand. the sample was sent to London for diagnosis. the result was I was actually overdosing by taking the vet D supplement.

I will be seeing my consultant again in a few weeks and want to give her the full facts (maybe you’ll receive a new customer)

I have now tried the UU version for a week replacing 2 meals a day. with a loss of approximately between 5-7 pounds this week Lbs. I have noticed that in the afternoon (17:00) I tend to become extremely sleepy and crash, however I can’t attribute this to the Huel as after the Chemo my body ability to regulate temperature is all over the place, this week has been extremely hot.

overall I’m not sure on what to do, is 2 scoops 2 times a day plus evening meal to much? I know I dont drink enough but again thats a side affect from the Chemo, Huel being made with water I figured would help.

I realise your company would never make recommendation for fear of being held accountable should anything go wrong, however there are many people out there like me struggling and if Huel can help this would be fantastic.

Next week I will be mixing the last of the UU with the Vanilla and hopefully I will try and make a blog, I just need to find someone who can advise if what I am doing is mad or somehow dangerous to my health.

thanks for your reply

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