Huel, could this be the beginning for me at 40

Im 42 and for the last 20 years I have lived in fear over my weight for the wrong reasons, no matter how hard I try I have not been able to break the habit. at 21 I was diagnosed with stage 4B lymphoma and given a life expectancy of 30 days. After chemo/radiotherapy I was put into remission. I noticed early Weight is a fantastic indicator of the type of cancer I had, and as the consultants would point out it was good my weight was increasing month on month. After several scares and an additional diagnosis of Sarcoidosis, I got into the habit of ensuring weight never drops. now after 20 years and a failed marriage Im not XL to say the least. Not to mention the medical fraternity has now said you more likely to get cancer if you are fat!!! Ohh how my brain hurts what can be done!!!

I have been trying Huel for a few weeks now replacing 1 or 2 meals a day and trying to reduce my snacking, It doesn’t help I find it hard to drink the recommended daily amount, and my job leaves me on the road or working away staying in hotels. So I have 2 bags of Vanilla (2.3) and 25 coca bars, and a number of the flavour boosts. side note; The flavour boosts smell amazing but I never get the flavour :frowning:

So my plan starting Monday is:
Mon = 3 scoops in 500m of water for breakfast 2 scoops with 300m for lunch and an evening meal.
Tues = 2 scoops in 300m of water for breakfast 2 scoops with 300m for lunch and an evening meal.
Wed = 3 scoops in 500m of water for breakfast 2 scoops with 300m for lunch and an evening meal.
Thurs = 2 scoops in 300m of water for breakfast 2 scoops with 300m for lunch and an evening meal.
Fri = 3 scoops in 500m of water for breakfast 2 scoops with 300m for lunch and an evening meal.
Sat = 2 scoops in 300m of water for breakfast 2 scoops with 300m for lunch and an evening meal.
Sun = Free Day.

1, Wife 2.0 - I know she would be much happier if I wasn’t as fat, and our relationship would be better.
2, Cancer - It won’t take me down without a fight, and Huel is to be part of that fight
3, Me - I work with a number of charities and organisations, and being the fat bald guy, who nearly died ill is getting boring. if I can change this then I can be a real inspiration to others.

I have no doubt this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you :slight_smile: but its worth it and Huel tastes ok and is a simple solution to meals. after reading all your stories it about time I stop being worried and start making the difference, Im sure ill indulge in the odd bacon sandwich…


Hi @B7YEN,

That’s quite the story! I hope everything works out for you!

Seems to me like you have a solid plan and a strong motivation. I’m sure Huel can help you and I’m curious about your progress so keep us updated. Good luck!

Think I made a mistake mixing UU and vanilla, may be a hard week after all. Tastes a bit tiny like chewing tin foil.

Does coffee go with vanilla?

I blended Coffee and Vanilla for my lunch today, was actually nice, 2 scoops coffee, 1 scoop Vanilla, I made mine with Coconut Water, thought it was nice actually. Might reverse it tomorrow and make it 2 x Vanilla and 1 x Coffee to see how it is, the coconut water was the cheap one from Home Bargains or B&M for £1 and I cant tell the difference between the brand names

My preference is 400ml water, 1 1/2 heaped teaspoons instant coffee, 3 scoops original vanilla. I then tip in my mug of tea/coffee and use to rinse shaker of last of huel.

So say monday 2 x scoops in the morning at 0600 with a Huel bar for lunch, just gone out for Dinner. Chicken salad with small Natchos.

Haven’t drunk enough today and feeling tired, wonder if I need more scoops?

The vanilla is a little too sweet for me, so I’m thinking to go UU and flavour myself.

So far day 1 done :+1:

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Did you drop off the grid after day one? How you getting on?

It is odd the amount of people who post their day 1 or so fantastically enthusiastic posts and then we never hear from them again…sure the occasional one pops up and says I’ve just done my first year of 100% Huel, but many just vanish.

I think for many Huel can be a fad…it’s quick and easy and nutritious…let me try it. But not everyone can eat the same shakes day in day out…not so much fun drinking an ice cold shake in the winter etc. I’ve just drunk my Huel shake for lunch today while other people may have been tucking into a Sunday roast…


I think discipline is tough for most people including myself. People see something new and shiny and want to try, but then old habits die hard.

Not a criticism of the OP, who may for all we know be happily downing Huel :+1:

Personally I am only on day 5 and for someone who has tried it all, this feels different because it does not come from a place of restriction in the normal sense of the word.

By consuming an abundance of nutrition, you can naturally become healthy and leaner and not crave the things that make you fat and unhealthy.

That is how it feels so far anyways.


Yeah, I’m not long started myself. Am interested to find out how people are doing after a year or so.
Do agree, it does/will take discipline to stick to your own Huel schedule. Hopefully I’ll still be posting this time next year :slight_smile:

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Ive done 14 months of between 60% and 100% and feel fantastic. I have lost 3 stone and 4 pounds, my liver function bettered significantly, cholesteral lowered into the good range and my thyroid has stayed at a level throughout.

Can you tell I am happy with Huel?


Sorry for only just reading this and really hear the fire in you and the motivation. Really hope you’re still using Huel, let us know how it’s all going!

You’ve got this, we’re with you.

@Darrenbryan10 Nice one! Glad to hear you’re doing and feeling fantastic. Thats some weight lose as well - Good job.
Thanks for your post, is a good motivator.

I popped up on Day 1; now on Day 40-ish doing fine, loving the Huel, nothing earth-shattering to report…


Still here, not been to well, doctors think I need to be seen by oncologists :sleepy::sneezing_face:

I got my second order through and some of the breakfast cereal, not sure about the cereal its crunchy buy not really berry flavour. If I’m being honest bit like cardboard after the 5 spoon full.

Im going to look for a bread recipe.

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still hear, places a second order :slight_smile:

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Hey, glad you’re still here. Hope you start feeling better soon :+1:

Good luck with the oncologist x

I love the granola with flavoured plant milk, the strawberry and banana ones, very moreish :yum:

Never thought of flavour milk

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Been having Huel for breakfast, mixed the vanilla with UU to dull the sweetness. Thought I’d try the R&C flavouring but I find it’s not for me. Have been trying the berry cereal but struggled to work out how much milk to add.

Looking forward to trying the choc/orange bars tomorrow :+1: