Newcomer to Huel to lose Post Chemo weight

Hey all,

This is my first post as I just got my first batch of Huel this week. My story in brief is that since recovering from testicular cancer just before Christmas I’ve found i really struggled returning to what was my prior ‘normal’ lifestyle.

Around this time last year i was around 200lbs and 10-11% bodyfat with excellent muscle from weight training (5,11 34 years old) However last summer i found a lump and after investigation, surgery and Chemotherapy I’m now in recovery attending hospital for bloods every 3 months. The problem is that since recovery i haven’t stepped foot in the gym as my overall energy and performance has suffered. This with an increase in stress from work and the weight gained during steroid use for Chemotherapy means that i currently sit at 197lbs with 20+ bodyfat and have lost an awful lot of my previous muscle mass.

In a bid to stave this off i purchased a spin bike for home and attempted to pedal myself back fit again. But between intermittent periods of use and twice daily dog walks for a few months i didn’t lose a pound. Even when controlling my calorie intake well. As i trained so much previously i have a good grasp of macronutrient ratios and how best to feed myself but it’s as if my body and I are out of sync completely.

Well after looking into ways in which i can tighten my macros and still get solid nutrition i stumbled across Huel and thought what the hell I’ll place an order for a weeks supply and split it with regular meals and see how i get on! First off i ordered the vanilla and i’m super impressed with the taste and texture, it all tastes and behaves in a way which backs up how natural it’s composition is.

So i sit here today on 197lbs at the end of my first day taking Huel hoping that this can be missing piece in getting myself back on track and remembering how it feels to be me again :slight_smile: The hope is that if all goes well and budget allows i can transition into a 100% Huel diet and do a full journal to track the change and hopefully change my life again.


Welcome to the forum, John. I’m sorry to hear about your cancer. That must be so hard, especially for a guy to get it in such a vital location. But now you are on Huel, that’s your nutrition sorted. At least you can know that you are feeding your body properly, so other parts of your recovery should fall into place a little easier.

Thanks for the response i really appreciate it. There’s the potential for other things at play in terms of testosterone levels etc impacting on metabolism and my ability to shift weight but i feel the structure of a Huel partial and then Huel only diet will help me maintain a regimen that will allow other factors to come into line better.

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