So I could be wrong but

I think this huel thing has changed my life in an unpredicted way: I no longer take vitamin D pills and don’t miss them. I’m mediterranean and live in northern Europe and for the first few years the lack of sunlight was rough, with mood swings every time a cloud so much as peeked.

Ever since I’ve been on Huel I’ve not felt the mood swings and haven’t touched the vit D pills. That’s a full bottle sitting there unused. I suspect its the full nutrition side of it. And of course this being a completely unscientific observation, it could just be that I’ve gone off the deep end and think I’m the happiest person alive when I’m actually in a padded room bouncing off the walls.

But it’s definitely something I’ve noticed, I’m not happy nor sad, I just go about my day.


Well huel adds in a multi vitmain to their formula, so youre still taking your vitamin D supplement, its just that its already been ground up and put in Huel

In a way, yes. There are added vitamins and minerals, but they are chosen to complete the nutritional profile that the other ingredients (Oats, peas, flaxseed, rice, etc) provide. This way Huel does not provide too much of any nutrient. This is good because too much of a nutrient can inhibit absorption of other nutrients. So it’s a bit more nuanced than adding a multivitamin.

@ruipacheco : Interesting, as I had been feeling in a sustained period of gloom for several weeks, then after a week of using Huel, it ocurred to me how much “brighter” I’d been feeling. As you say, it could be a Placebo effect, but it’s positive either way.

Out of curiosity; how much Huel (in grams or scoops) are you using per day?

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I don’t think it’s a placebo. Personally, I believe that the body and the mind are so connected they might as well be a single thing. I chuck the soul into that mix too, but that’s a dirty word lol. Anyways, a well balanced and well nourished body leads to a well balanced and well nourished mind is what I’m trying to say. And the forums keep piling up with people that have been on this or that mood med or have different behavioural and mood difficulties that have found themselves getting better and better since they started Huel.

But yeah, good for you guys!

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Every meal, not counting snacks, at 4 scoops per meal. I’ve now ordered Huel flavours to try and decrease the number of snacks I eat. I found that I didn’t eat them because of cravings but because my body kept telling me how wrong it was to not taste anything when I ate.

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And I’ve now remembered this so instead of Huel being nutritionally complete, it could be the fibre.

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