Can I blend a multivitamin into my Huel?

I was having stomach pain so for the time being I’m only having 1 Huel per day. Can I throw a multivitamin or echinacea in there when I blend it? I get the blahs in the winter so I like to try to up my vitamin D and b12.

I guess you could, but you’ll likely urinate it straight out.

Why do you say that?

It’s well known that most of the contents of multivitamins simply come out the other end. Your body can only extract a certain amount at a time.

Adding multivitamin to Huel (already brimming with vitamins) will likely just force vits from your body in urine.

Well I was thinking I only have about 3 scoops per day, which in itself does not meet the recommended DV’s, right? Am I doing my math wrong?

Maths is correct, but absorption understanding is a little off. Perhaps the multivitamin tab with evening meal or lunch?

Oh, I see. Yes i could do that, it’s just more convenient for me to add to my Huel but I hadn’t thought about absorption. Makes sense. Thanks for your input!

No problem, hope it all works out!

I thought that, but there was an interesting ‘science vs’ episode recently looking at the research aepund vitamin supplements and surprisingly enough multi+vits came out quite well.

Of all the various dietary supplements it seems a daily multivitamin is the only one that actually has any effect - even for generally healthy people on a balanced diet.

Show’s here if you’re interested.

I’m not sure about the toxicity of high doses of vitamin D. It’s certainly a very important vit to take especially in the winter due to lack of sunshine. I throw in 200mg of l-theanine (Not a vitamin, but helps with stress. I take Ashwagandha (500mg) alongside my Huel in the morning.

Oh & I love throwing in a few ice cubes before I blend. Nom nom nom! :slight_smile:

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I’ve taken 10,000 ius of vitamin D for about 16 months, current blood tests shows its absolutely perfect, sitting at around 108 nmol/L, so no signs of toxicity.