Libido for Lunch

Yes but dont know if its the sheading 2.5 stones or the belly going . But yes it it up … :laughing:



110% seems to be the sweet spot for me.

Important to realise you eat Huel, not apply it to your genitalia :confounded:


Meh, my libido caries depending on calorie intake, more specifically fat intake. Between October and December I was consuming 3500 calories per day for bulk season, libido was through the roof. Now, on 2000 calories in cutting season I have barely any libido at all!

I’ve been using huel for a little over 2 months and can say I have noticed a dramatic DECREASE in my sex drive. Not sure if it’s the main cause however I eat a healthy diet outside of huel don’t drink or smoke and have good testosterone levels. I’m 5’9 145lbs 35 and can run a mile in 5:20 so I’d say I’m in pretty good shape compared to most people.

More concerning is I met a gorgeous women a week ago and have not been able to get it up for her, very concerning as this has never been an issue before!!! The only major change in my lifestyle has been my intake of Huel at about 60% of my diet. I have lost about 5-10lbs in 2 months my guess is I’m consuming less sugar and overall calories bc Huel keeps me feeling full. Anyone else had this issue? Any ideas about what could be causing this problem!?!?

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@Huel_Hefner Maybe ladies aren’t for you?

OK I’m sorry, that was just a bad joke, loving the tag by the way.

My concern is, if you don’t drink or smoke, have Huel as 60% of your diet and run a mile in 5.20, what the hell are you doing to actually enjoy yourself?

A little of whats bad for you does you good! Go eat a steak, drink a bottle of red wine, smoke some Gauloise like a sultry french philosophy student, and your libido is bound to shoot through the roof!! (This can be taken literally or metaphorically as you wish)

Libido is more in the head then in the body, it doesn’t sound like you’ve got a physical issue (though losing 10lbs in 2 months is a lot!!) so maybe stabilise your bodyweight (and your calorie intake), think about whats bothering you when your with the lady and try to address that.

Good luck, I’m rooting for you! :slight_smile:

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So quick update…
I found that my weight loss was not accurate I’ve actually slightly gained some weight about 3 pounds since starting my huel diet, mostly muscle mass as I look/feel great.

Also my sex drive is back in full force as I’ve had sex with my hot gf about 2 dozen times in the past 3 weeks. However I also haven’t used huel for the past month so it’s very difficult to say if this has been the cause for my libido coming back or if it was purely psychological as you suggested. I’m thinking it was mostly psychological, but I’m going to test this theory by starting up a 50-60% huel diet and see if I notice any decline in libido.

I find my libido falls whenever I lower my calorie intake. I’m guessing it’s due to lower fat intake, which is responsible for hormone production. When I’m cutting, you could show me the most beautiful lady in the world and I wouldn’t even twitch, but when I’m bulking at more than 3000 calories I’m on the verge of feral!

Great news :smile:

Its all about balance guys!!

Keep it up :blush:

“got the wife on it”, interesting choice of words for a thread on libido


Laughed at this more than I should have…

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Just occurred to me to look on here as I find I am jumping on my husband every time I see him! He’s loving it! I have been using Huel at lunch for almost three months including one week of 100% Huel. I’ve lost 14 lbs and that helps, but I definitely find my libido is way up!

No wonder he is wearing a crash helmet in the profile pic. See you are from Somerset as well.

I hadn’t realised my wife had been on a diet for the last 18 years !!
Using the principal ‘lack of calories = lack of labido !!’

Will have to get her consuming huel … orally or as a suppository ?? :rofl::rofl:


Hows it going? Can we get an update?

Perhaps it contains less antibiotics than “conventional” foods.