Living on 6 RTD per day. Blood results

I’m 71. Following radiotherapy for head and neck cancer I can’t eat solids and for 2-3 years now I’ve been living on 6 RTD Vanilla per day (nothing else).
Recent blood test shows Uric acid high, Cholesterol status borderline and, strangely, Ferritin low.

Total Protein 68 g/L (Range: 60 - 80)
Albumin 43 g/L (Range: 35 - 50)
Globulin 26 g/L (Range: 19 - 35)
HbA1c 34 mMol/Mol (Range: 20 - 41.999)
Cholesterol Status
Total Cholesterol 4.20 mmol/L (Range: < 5)
LDL Cholesterol 2.65 mmol/L (Range: < 3)
Non HDL Cholesterol 3.07 mmol/L (Range: < 4)
HDL Cholesterol 1.13 mmol/L (Range: > 1)
Total Cholesterol : HDL 3.72 Ratio (Range: < 6)
Triglycerides 0.93 mmol/L (Range: < 2.3)
CRP HS X 3.540 mg/L (Range: < 3)
Gout Risk
Uric Acid X 450 umol/L (Range: 200 - 430)
Iron Status
Iron 26.1 umol/L (Range: 10 - 30)
TIBC 63.1 umol/L (Range: 45 - 81)
UIBC 37.0 umol/L (Range: 12 - 43)
Transferrin Saturation 41.4 % (Range: 25 - 45)
Ferritin 44.50 ug/L (Range: 30 - 518)
Magnesium - Serum 0.95 mmol/L (Range: 0.7 - 1)
Folate - Serum 37.8 nmol/L (Range: > 7)
Vitamin B12 - Active >150 pmol/L
Please note change of reference range 23 Oct 2022
(Range: 37.5 - 188)
Vitamin D 72.9 nmol/L
Total 25(OH) vitamin D < 25 nmol/L is deficient.
Total 25(OH)D of 25-50 nmol/L may be inadequate in some
Total 25(OH)D > 50 nmol/L is sufficient in most
Total Vitamin D level >250 nmol/L - indicates potential
for toxicity.
Please note change of reference range 23 Oct 2022
(Range: 50 - 250)

Are you sure that’s the only thing you ate?

I’ve been eating only Huel unflavored for longer than you, and my cholesterol levels are less than half of yours.

It is possible for a person on a vegan diet to have high cholesterol for various reasons – it’s true that they aren’t having dietary cholesterol but genetic factors can also affect how the body processes cholesterol, leading to high levels in the blood, regardless of dietary habits.

Other factors – particularly for people who have had significant health issues can also have an impact through physical inactivity or other underlying conditions that can change the kidneys normal balance and processing of blood lipids. When you are being treated – painkillers, antibiotics, contrast dyes etc. already put your kidneys under an abnormal level of strain.


They are on RTD, not powder. RTD has a much higher fat content than powder. RTD as far as I understand, is not advised for 100% nutrition.

It was rike. As Coup says RTD has a higher fat content.

Your bloods are in great shape, your blood lipids are all well within reference range.
Your uric acid is only just outside the reference range, which is only a guide to gout risk, not a problem in itself.
The ferritin is on the lower side but as you can see, inside what is seen as normal.

For a man of your age and what you’ve been through I’d be very reassured when it comes to those results. In fact I’d be delighted if I had your cholesterol results!


Nutrition is not the only factor influencing blood results, although an important one. Medication, treatments, diagnoses, exercise, genetics also play a role.

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Thanks Bertie. The most surprising thing about my blood results (which I didn’t include as I doubt it’s huel related) was this
Testosterone 24.70 nmol/L (Range: 6.68 - 25.7).
I don’t know that it’s necessarily a good thing as I also had radiotherapy and hormone treatment for prostate cancer a few years back and, since treatment ended, my PSA has been steadily rising (currently 21.0).

I have limited knowledge of PSA only that at your age a relatively high reading doesn’t necessarily mean something bad but with your history it requires someone with the right knowledge to discuss your concerns.
Hope you get to see someone. :crossed_fingers:

I’m being looked after by the oncology dept Bertie. They’re keeping a watchful eye.

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Given your age, are you also on statins?

Thanks so much for sharing your results - it’s really interesting to hear about your experience relying on Huel for nutrition for so long. Firstly, I’m pleased to hear you’re being looked after by medical professionals here. All in all, your test results appear to sit within the healthy ranges aside from uric acid, which is just slightly elevated. As your doctors/oncologists will have a full picture of your health and background, they will be best placed to advise on whether this needs to come down and potential strategies to achieve this.

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I’m not Chris.