Marketing Query

Hi all

I’m on week four of 100% Huel with one meal a week, usually Sunday as a treat.

So far, I’ve lost nearly two stone and I’m a notch down in my belt and work shirts are starting to fit better!

I’m so pleased so far and would certainly recommend it!

However, just a thought - I’ve been talking to loads of people about it and guided them to the website and a few people are looking into buying it so I was wondering if there would ever be a marketing scheme ever available? I’d love to distribute it as a part time income.

Anybody else like that idea?

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There is currently a “Refer a Friend” scheme:


Thanks but I was thinking more of a small business opportunity :+1:

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You mean make it into a MLM scheme? I hate those things, I think it would cheapen Huel, they are all scams.


I don’t think they necessarily meant MLM, more a case of being an affiliate or a franchise of some kind.

One of my colleagues and fellow Huelers has also already said that she wouldn’t mind opening a local Huel store. There are opportunities here! :wink:

We certainly wouldn’t want to start an MLM scheme. I agree that it would cheapen the brand and put us in a category with weight loss drinks. No problem with how they do business at all, but we just don’t put ourselves in the same category.

The idea of a franchise is interesting. At the moment we do not sell into any shops at all so this is a long way off if it was an option at all. I don’t know Julian’s view on this, but I love the idea of passionate customers popping up over the world selling Huel. I honestly don’t know the first thing about franchises though!

For now, please do get involved with the Refer a Friend scheme as you get £5 for every successful referral!