Merging accounts

Is there an update on merging accounts? I have over a thousand meals I bought on my previous one before I changed email addresses (yeah I should have just changed my email …)

I wanna have 'em count towards my 5000! :nerd_face:

Nightmare! No worries though, if you have placed an order with your new email address then we wouldn’t be able to merge them. BUT to make sure they count towards your 5000 please reach out to and our customer experience team will find a way to keep your tally!

That’s good to know, thanks Charlotte!

Speaking of account issues though …

My account currently isn’t loading anything, says I’ve never made any orders, and in Account Settings the email field is blank :confused: but it’s still letting me log in … I emailed the Huel team just before midday today but didn’t hear anything, seems like a pretty interesting bug. (Posting here because I thought the hive mind might enjoy speculating on how this could be happening!)