'Merica question :)


Is anyone out there willing to purchase and ship the UK flavors for me to try? Obviously, I’ll foot the actual bill via PayPal or whatever way we can make it happen. But … it was just a thought - I have a MIGHTY need to try the rhubarb flavor lol :smile:

If it’s not possible, I totally understand.



I’d be interested as well. Some of the flavors y’all have sound amazing. We’re stuck with just the five, chocolate, mint chocolate, strawberry, banana and… there’s another that I’m not thinking of…

Cappuccino lol

I like our strawberry and mint chocolate is my favorite, but the rest aren’t as good as they could be. All good smells and not a lot of flavor. I have to use two entire tablespoons of banana to get anywhere close.

That’s why I wanted to try the UK flavors. Especially the rhubarb.

I’m sure there is someone here who would help you folks out, since you asked so nicely! However, considering the UK flavours aren’t available in the USA would this just be torture for you if you did end up preferring them?!

@Tim_Huel that’s a good point, but still. They last a while, so if I got someone to be willing to ship a few different flavors to me, it’d be 6 months or more before I was out of them.

I imagine the expense is going to be on the shipping, so the incremental cost for four or five different flavors won’t be all that much…

It will be about 14 gbp just on shipping to send 4 or 5 150g flavour pouches. Plus cost of the flavour pouches. That’s a guess via Royal Mail…may be cheaper couriers…