Mic the Vegan YouTube video

Im interested to hear peoples opinion on leucine and IGV-1. I have eaten 2000 calories a day of Huel for over 18 months, and have never felt better. But the high amount of protein is always a concern for me.


I would love to read @JamesCollier opinion on the video. I usually agree with Mic the Vegan on everything but I’m not sure this time

Interesting video, the main worry I have with Huel is the high protein content and IGF-1


He’s incorrect on so many points:

  • MCTs - Huel is low lauric and high capric and caprylic acid
  • Huel has a GI of 27 - so his oats being digested quickly comment is moot
  • Defending Soylent here: he’s incorrect on isomaltulose which is not a sugar; it’s a low GI polysaccharide
  • Leucine - I couldn’t disagree with him more. You need a reasonable amount of leucine per meal to activate the mTor enzyme to kick start protein synthesis. Inadequate leucine relative to carb intake, is one of the reasons contributing to obesity
  • If he thinks we’re trying to appeat to keto diet, he doesn’t know what a keto diet is!
  • Not sure of the relevance to slating added vitamin A to either Huel or Soylent

It’s a shame he didn’t spend an hour or so more checking out some facts before making the video.



Obama for does it better


I didn’t expect anything specially good from a guy who makes youtube videos naming itself “Mic the Vegan”, but looks like it was even worse than that. Huh.


Isn’t it a disaccharide, composed of glucose and fructose, so… a sugar? Because of the linkage between them booth, it is slow to be digested, then low GI. But it is still glucose and fructose, then sugars.