Huel Nutrition question

Hi everyone,

So I do love Huel. I used it for about a year back in 2018 when I had to recover from an illness, and I had to loose 3 stone I gained from having to go on steroids. Now I’m back on huel, I have the white edition but I’ve also just ordered the black edition to try out as I am slightly sensitive to carbs because of a medical condition, and I’m training to so like the higher protein. Due to my poor little dog being hit by a car I’m caring for her 24 7 so don’t have time to cook either so huel is perfect right now.

Anyway, I came across this video and wondered what people thought? It talks about huel and other replacements not being the best but I’ve always felt at top health on huel. I know there are a lot of people on here with nutrition knowledge so thought id ask your opinion.

This is the video

Amy :slight_smile:

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There’s a thread on that video here

Including a response from @JamesCollier


Ah thanks David! Will check it out :slight_smile:

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im a Hardline Huelero.

i want Huel to win.

That is not a healthy thought. We like Huel and we will support Huel in regular issues but if science or anything is against Huel we should be impartial because it all about our health.


yeah your right

let the riots commence…

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ok, lets learn from this to makebetter huel

Doing Mods work!

There should be a badge for that

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Nah, I’m making up for the times they have to moderate me.

Thanks @David. Closing topic so it can continue on the linked thread above.