Military applications

Hello. I’m just curious if Huel has any military applications? By which I mean fuel for soldiers.
Have you had any enquiries from the military world?

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I can see where the concept comes from.
But you’d be damaging moral if you were thinking long term use. Would only consider it for exercises/missions.

Yes, with a little fenethylline, that would be great! By the way what does powdered Captagon taste? :gun:

We have had some miltitary folk using Huel and enquiring.

I feel it would have a huge positive application in the forces

Is it not a large issue that you can’t use it in military drinking canisters, as it wouldn’t be functional with a respirator?
Also a rashion pack is around 3,000kcal so you’d have to alter the ratios.
Part of the rashion pack system is to provide a hot meal in cold situations. Would huel be easy to heat up in that environment without worryabout the loss of nutrition?
I’m just curious to know if these have been considered.

Huel wouldn’t be as bulky or heavy as food.

Heating - see

I was thinking this the other day and thought how much easier my life would of been in the field if i had this!! Would of given me more time to get my head down anyway! Also the rat packs are that bad i binned half of them.

Know for a fact a lot of lads would have this! the only problem i could see would be price and the chance it could get damaged/wet out in the field

5th day on 100% Huel and feeling pretty good!!

Solider in the field 4000 kcal per day!

You’d never get them to give up the sweets and biscuits!

I can see how the morale thing works, but I think to a large extent you could focus on sweets and biscuits and Huel in the ration packs.

Plus a couple of cans of Stella and a psychotropic drug that brings on the urge to kill.

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Military packs survive any temperatures and conditions. I think Huel wouldn’t survive high temps on field.

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