Mixing protein powder with normal huel

Hi can you mix the huel protein powder with huel? If so what ratio/number scoops?

You sure can! It’s totally up to you as it depends on why you want to mix them in the first place.

It’s a delicious combo! Get involved.

As Dan says, ratio is up to you. I do it to get an extra 10g of protein in my meal.

  • 75g of v3.0 = 21.75g of protein
  • 29g of Complete Protein = 20g protein

That’s 405kcal and 41.75g of protein.

Interesting, I’ve been doing 100g 3.0 and 1 scoop Protein (~500kcal and 49g protein) because i didn’t want to mess with the carb/fats/vitamin & mineral ratio.

I do this too. I get Salted Caramel in 3.0 and Protein to enhance the flavour :wink:

I’ve bags of protein powder to use up since my wife stopped using it…
I’ve been doing well mixing the powder with regular Huel.
When I run out of protein powder, I’ll go with BE as I like the extra protein