25% Discount

Hi, I am new to the Huel lifestyle being 4 days in and I was looking for a better way of storing the powder. From this forum I found the storage tubs available on and thought they would work and were cheap. After visiting the site I noticed that they were offering 25% off anything ordered from the site and a free gift if you spend over £50. The offer is good only for this weekend.

[quote]Get your weekend workout going: 25% off + gift | Code: EVERYTHING

Use this weekend to stock-up your supply. Get 25% off everything with the Code: EVERYTHING

To make your weekend even better, when you spend £50 or more you also get a free gift! do not pass information to 3rd parties. Offer valid until midnight on the 07.05.17. Maximum discount is £50/75€. Only one discount code can be used per order. Customers can place multiple orders. See website for full terms and conditions.[/quote]

I ordered 2x 4000ml tubs for £6.82 shipped. Not much of a discount I know but a small saving on an already cheap item is pretty good. Plus maybe some of you use some of their other products.


… beginning to wonder whether new users should be allowed to mention competitor brands within their first few messages. Huel’s public forums seem to be an open invitation to create one-shot accounts for advertising…

It did occur to me after I posted that it might be inappropriate. Sorry if offended and I will happily delete the post if it is not allowed.

Just a note for those uninitiated who are about to rush off to myprotein before it’s too late, it’s just a classic marketing hook. Both myprotein and a very similar well-known site have that kind of deal running constantly. Whether it’s buy two get one free, 25% off, 30% off, whatever the variation, you’ll never have to pay the marked price if you buy a few things or spend more than a tenner. If the current deal isn’t quite what you need, just wait a couple of days for the next one.

Hah, @jcaira, don’t worry — it’s just that it does appear that that company may have a history of creating accounts here arguably to get free advertising for their competing product, which looks to be a cheap knock-off of an old Huel recipe. Your turning up talking about them on your very first post looked a little, well, like more of the same. I don’t think MyP. have a public forum, so there’s no way for Huel to, ahem, “reciprocate”.

I’m in no position to disallow or get offended, was just thinking aloud…

There’s a lot of interesting stuff in the forums, so do stick around!

Obvious advertising is obvious. Should be deleted.

Really? Just seems to me that they’re sharing a code to give a discount on tupperwares.

I won’t buy from MP any more, the constant yoyo discounting has left me feeling like I’m never getting a decent price from them, even when things are super cheap.

This definitely, 100%, is not advertising. MyProtein had issues with their supplier and are no longer able to stock Whole Fuel, at least for the time being. Given that fact, I find it exceptionally unlikely that now would be the time they would create an account here to advertise their product.