New pouches = HUGE improvement!

I had to make a thread all on it’s own to highlight how much better these pouches are (I’ll post in the feedback thread as well).
Unfortunately only 1 out of my 3 bags delivered is the new type but I guess they need to get rid of old stock.
A great improvement.


  • The seal is bigger and so much easier to seal even with powder in the grooves
  • The tear strip at the top came off cleanly and smoothly with no fuss at all
  • Bags are smaller = less waste!
  • Easier to scoop from due to less height

Cons (minor):

  • Contents are more condensed meaning potentially more lumps - I like to shake my bags up to ‘fluff’ up the contents to reduce this
  • Now before I say anything, I fully realise the following is because of waste, but it’s feedback after all!..Branding is still surgical in that it doesn’t look like a food product and more like something that should be in a lab! Maybe put something like this on the front:

Here’s another thread all on its own to highlight how much better the new pouches are:

New Huel pouches smaller and with a better seal.

(EDIT: I see that is the thread that you also posted in.)

This is why you’re not in control of Huel marketing

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Me? :stuck_out_tongue: Or Ric?

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Just got four new ones but half an old one to go, certainly fit more easily in the one cupboard my wife allows me in the whole house :slight_smile: