New bags slightly inferior to old?

Anybody else find the new powder bags a little inferior to the old ones? I get the feeling that the single-strip seal is not as reliable as the old double-strip one, and it’s a bit more awkward to get the last bits of Huel out of the bag…


I think that the bags reseal much better now

Interesting. I keep getting the sense that the new bags might not even have been closed when I come back to them.

I’m with you. I have huge problem resealing my bags now :confused:

I have had a lot problems with them also, not dealing at all or just coming open when I know I sealed them!

Thanks for the message on this. Could you show me what you mean by New vs Old? It would be useful to see an image of the pouches you’re referring to side by side.

If you aren’t reusing the pouch then just cut the top half of the pouch off and it becomes much easier to get the final few grams out!

It seems the black bags now have a single threat line not double?

Recognising them from the outside, here’s new (left) and old (right). In the new bag, the fold runs all the way up to the top of the bag, where on the old ones it came down at about 45°:

The real difference is on the inside though. The old bag has two sealing strips (here the top one is a double line to accommodate a single line on the other side, and the bottom one is a single line which slots into the double on the other side):

Meanwhile the new bag just has a single strip:


I agree, the new bags are a step back. They do not seal well and the opening is so small that we now decant into a clear lock n lock tub to save spilling powder. I prefer the the Huel protein tubs, they they are great for storing things after the Huel is used up.

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I agree 100% with this. Great post.

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Thanks so much @chughes this is really useful. I have passed this onto the Technical team, however please do email the customer experience team and report this, because the more who are finding this an issue and report it will help us understand if this is a problem or just a one off issue! We have systems in place for tracking problems quantitatively, so if you have experienced these issues yourself you should report them through the CX channels. Thank you in advance!