New study about sucralose (september 2018)


There has been a recent study on the effects of sucralose: Sucralose decreases insulin sensitivity in healthy subjects: a randomized controlled trial

I know that the amount of sucralose in Huel is well below the most conservative maximums, but it would be great if some Huel staff could comment on this.



Have you got a PDF or link to the full article? Only got the abstract here.

Tim you need to get your Huel credit card out :stuck_out_tongue:


Unfortunately I don’t have the PDF. It came from a facebook post from a nutrition page that I follow.

Oh my…worth looking

It is easy to get a copy off sci-hub (which I won’t link to), the document locator URL is in the abstract, and it came right up.

" Sucralose decreases insulin sensitivity "

Er… For thick people like myself what does this mean??? Sucralose can push your blood glucose up? Sorry I can’t get my head round it.

In a nutshell yes, it is saying that sucralose can increase insulin and blood sugar levels.

I’ve not read this particular article but people have suggested for many years that artificial sweeteners including sucralose have these effects for 2 primary reasons:

  1. Insulin is released in response to the sweet taste, so even though there is no sugar in the product your body is filled into believing there is and reacts accordingly.

  2. There is a suspicion that regular use of sweeteners alters the balance of our gut bacteria which could make our cells resistant to the insulin we produce, leading to both increased blood sugar and insulin levels.

The sucralose they use in the study is Splenda. Splenda isn’t just sucralose, but includes (per gram) 958 mg dextrose, 30mg maltodextrin, and 12 mg sucralose.

Whilst I don’t want to be overly critical having only skimmed through once, the study’s results attributing the insulin response to sucralose are highly contestable, since any insulin response would be affected by the carbohydrates (dextrose and maltodextrin) present.


What has less sucralose? Original vainilla or new vainilla?

New vanilla

Going to make the transition from original to new. Is it as bad as people commented?

I don’t think it’s fair to say it’s bad but it does taste very different to the original. I buy original but then that is what I used for years before the new vanilla came out. People who start with the new vanilla may dislike original. I would probably just get one bag of new in your next order before ordering an entire load of it.

I’m new to huel and got one original one new with it.

I have found the original a lot smoother and nicer with the mint chocolate,

But the new was fine too and nice with mint choc

Its supposed to be better and with natural vainilla. Is it stronger?

Did you know that the artificial vainilla comes from the ass of an animal?

You can’t compare the two, they may both be called vanilla but they taste completely different. You’re best of just trying it and coming to your own conclusion.

No I didn’t but to be honest, I’m not bothered. I’ve been buying original vanilla for years so if there was something amiss my body would have told me by now. Plus Huel accounts for about half of what I eat so I’m sure there are horrors to be found if I analyzed every other ingredient I eat. And you would go round the bend in the process.

No it doesn’t. It is sometimes, but rarely now, mainly because it is very expensive, and it’s NOT in Huel. Huel is a vegan product, beaver anal glands don’t count as vegan…and they aren’t actually in the ass anyway. Lots of misinformation all round there


Jajaja thanks for the clarification, I really needed

This post requires clarification

In other words @coup thinks you are taking the piss. There’s a fry up riding on it… Or some Pea contraceptives