New user, loving it!

I’ve been vegan for 2 and a half years now and I’ve always gone through phases with my diet, from super healthy greens to vegan junk food. From strict meal prep to just eating crap on the go. I had my gallbladder removed last year and have had issues since then so really needed to find something to get me into a good routine. I have to take meds regularly now and honestly Huel has been the perfect way to keep a good meal routine whilst making sure I’m not missing out on any of the nutrients I need from being Vegan. I’m yet to feel hungry between meals (which I was scared of) so I’m fully buzzing. BE Coffee Caramel is my fave by a mile. Think I’m gonna be a Hueligan for life :v:


Heya, welcome! I’m a BE fanatic too, been using the chocolate but I’m doing an order soon so might just have to add coffee caramel to it :grin:

Protip - the coffee caramel and salted caramel bars are also outstanding.

Loving BE coffee caramel :yum:

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Welcome! I am also a BE fan! Glad you’re enjoying it. The new savoury Huel is great too. I can’t wait to try the coffee caramel