Newbie - Progress so far

I recently ordered the Huel starter pack and I’m having Huel twice a day alongside my new vegan diet. I am trying to lose a bit of weight as I have not been able to work out as much as I used to since being diagnosed Hyperthyroid and my GP keeps messing with my meds and not clearing me for any cardio!

The first week I had Huel once a day and I’m not gonna lie, there were a few faecal pyrotechnics but any dietary change is going to have some kind of impact and these settled after a few days. The second week I upped it to twice a day with barely a whisper from the digestive system so happy days :smiley:

Before I started Huel and switched to a completely plant-based way of eating, I had IBS, Hyperthyroid and a lot of joint pain, mainly in my knees and ankles.

After just over two weeks of my new lifestyle change - I refuse to call it a diet as that implies a short term change - my IBS symptoms have pretty much disappeared (hardly any bloating, am more regular and a lot less cramps), my ankles don’t hurt when I get out of bed in the morning and my knees hardly trouble me anymore at all. In fact, I felt I was able to go trampolining at the weekend! Never would I have thought this possible even a few weeks ago.

I’m not going to go 100% Huel as I enjoy cooking and eating too much but 50% is working great for me so far.

I am hoping that if I continue this way, at my next Thyroid check up I will be told that the medication is no longer required and I can get back to the gym without the risk of heart failure. I’ve not found any other stories about Hyperthyroidism on here but I’m ever hopeful my new lifestyle will be enough to fix all that ails me.

I love reading all the stories on here - thank you!!


I have hypothyroidism, was 3 stone overweight, and have been consuming Huel since July 2017. I have so far lost 2 stone and will be going for a 6 monthly checkup in March, mainly to assess my medication is still at the correct dosage, my cholesterol is at a sensible level and liver function has not worsened.

I am no expert on hyperthyroidism, but can you get over it and stop medicating?

All the best.

You know, you probably can’t get over it but if you need to take the medication forever why is it not exempt from prescription charges like Hypothyroid meds are?

I’ve seen documentaries about people that were able to stop taking medication for arthritis and asthma after switching to a plant based diet so why not Hyperthyroidism. If it can’t cure it then it can at least relieve some of the symptoms as most of them - weight gain, lethargy, depression, mood swings, pounding heart, joint pain, broken sleep, brittle nails - are more Hypo than Hyper. Managing my weight and energy levels with Huel and a plant based diet will hopefully help with most of this. The only major Hyper symptom I have is (was) an extremely high heart rate. This was usually around 90 resting! It would hit 160 just walking to the bus stop despite having regularly run 5k before work most days. Since taking the (finally correctly diagnosed - nightmare!) medication and getting the dosage right, my Resting Heart Rate is 72, and since switching to my new lifestyle, it is averaging 63 and my joint pain has pretty much all but disappeared. The meds were not a factor in this I have been been on this current dose for three months now.

If I can feel this much better in two weeks, how much more improvement can there be in a few months? A girl can hope right?..

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Good luck in your endeavours, you seem highly motivated to get over your problems.

I suppose I am quite lucky where my Hypo is concerned, I have a struggle to lose weight though I am not much over where I should be now. I have a low heart rate, some palpitations and low liver function (due to thyroxine), dry skin, feel the cold, slightly raised cholesterol and other little things.

Best of luck, Huel has so far made me feel great and helped me to lose nearly 2 stone.

Thank you. And well done on losing two stone BTW - that is an awesome achievement!!
Fingers crossed I can lose the same as according to my doctor I am ‘bordering on obese’ even though I wear a UK size 12! :roll_eyes: