Nutrition question?

I decided I needed to get in shape again at the start of the year. I’m 6’4 and on January 7th I weighed 16 stone 4. I am now currently weighing 13 stone 10 and am feeling in great shape with much more energy. I have been using Huel now for 6 weeks and I think its great. It really fits into my busy and sometimes hectic lifestyle and in terms of losing weight it’s also working. Having extra energy and feeling good is also a massive plus.
The reason I’m posting is to get any thoughts on what I am eating as I have no real nutritional education and I don’t know if I should be making any tweaks to help me get things I am lacking in my diet at the moment. I’m the type of person who prefers routine so I’ve been eating this way for a while now. I will write what I ate yesterday and this is quite typical and if I’m honest I’m finding it reasonably easy to stick to and am actually enjoying it. Obviously there are times when I go over if I go out but I get back on it the next day.
Breakfast after fasted HIIT training for one hour - 100g chocolate Huel with Almond milk
Mid morning snack - Isey Skyr (170g)
Lunch - RTD vanilla bottle and apple
Mid afternoon snack - Roasted turkey breast steak (120g)
Dinner - 100g chocolate Huel with almond milk
Supper - 300g low fat cottage cheese.
This worked out at 1939 calories with 178g Protein, 168 g Carbs, 56g Fat, 32g Fibre. This gave a macro split of 38% protein, 35% carbs and 27% fat. I think the turkey pushed this protein quite high and im often in the 40/30/30 range.
I will typically change the snacks I’m having so may be tuna, eggs etc and sometimes i will have a healthy evening meal instead of the Huel. I’m trying to stay around the 1900 calorie mark. I also take a multi vitamin and bcaas before training as well as two Omega 3 tablets.
I typically train 3/4 mornings a week doing HIIT circuits and sometimes a couple of nightsI isually clock up about 5000 steps at work so not overly active. At the moment my goal is to get rid of the last bit of stubborn fat around my abs without losing lean muscle if possible. Once I get there I may need to up my calories to prevent this but again I’m not totally sure. I guess what im ultimately asking does this sound like a reasonable eating plans for the goal I have set and am I getting enough of the things I require eating the way I am?
Hope that kind of makes sense and isn’t too vague and I would appreciate anyone’s advice who has a greater understanding than me.

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Unfortunately, I have no idea on the answers to your questions. However, I just wanted to say that you have absolutely smashed it this year so far and congratulations on an amazing, life changing weight loss! Great to hear you feel better, have more energy etc.
The only thing I would say about your food list is that in your “food food” (ie not Huel), you could add some fruit or vegetables as everything you have listed is meat or dairy, which can be linked to health issues. But that’s just my two pence worth and I am not a nutritionist. I just know that I feel much better when I have lots of fresh fruit and veg in my food food meals. Good luck with everything and well done!

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(except the apple. Just saw that on rereading!)

The jist of my initial question was I suppose if I need to be eating more fruit and veg as well as what I’m eating now or if the Huel I’m consuming is actually giving me all the nutrition I require?

From what I have read, Huel is complete nutrition if you use it 100% of the time. If you are using it part-time, you need to make sure you are getting vitamins etc. from the rest of your diet.

If your food is reasonably similar each day, you could work out your vitamin intake (Huel is detailed on the packet) and see what you are missing or low on from your other meals and adjust them accordingly.

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Hey Jon, best of luck with your journey.

If this diet is working well for you, you’re sticking to it and you’re seeing results keep it up!

Fruit and veg are great because they are nutrient dense as well as helping increase that full feeling. What you could do is add some fruit for veg with your snacks/supper or even with your Huel. It’s quite an easy thing to do and is unlikely to have any downsides. Frozen fruit tends to be cheaper and can reduce food waste.

It depends on your calorie needs, but if you’re having a balanced diet and are healthy you’re unlikely to need a multivitamin but that’s your choice.

Thanks for the response Dan :+1:

@Dan_Huel I know the answer would always be to consume whole foods where possible but what is your opinion on the green/fruit powders that are available for the odd occasion when this may be more convenient? Is there any value to these or are they essentially a bit of a gimmick?

If you’re consuming a balanced diet already they’re a bit of a gimmick. If you’re not, there are much cheaper ways to get your nutrition. However, if you like the taste go for it!