Oat Flours and seeds in Huel

Huel uses seeds and flours (in a powdered form) in the final product that we are required to mix with water and consume. No cooking required.

This means the seeds and flours are going into our bodies in an uncooked, raw form. Isn’t this unhealthy? Shouldn’t they be required to be heated so that our stomachs can digest them?

Or are they pre-heated/cooked seed powders and flour powders that do not require any further heating or cooking?

So fundamentally, I am asking if eating raw seeds and flours is healthy for humans. I consider this important because they constitute a significant source of carbs and other nutrients in Huel.

Raw oats and seeds are fine. In fact, one nutritionist I read recommends eating oats raw, soaked for a while, rather than cooking as porridge. Seeds are better raw too.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s mainly just meat and potatoes that require cooking in order to not do you harm.

Yes, eating raw foods is great: indeed, some people advocate that raw is better. There may be truth to this as there are fewer losses of nutrients.