Are Huel oats raw?

In the Huel article Food Processing & Good Nutrition it says

‘In the case of the oats (the largest ingredient) they are taken from the field, then milled, and that is it.’

So, are Huel oats raw? No steaming etc

Thanks in advance

Does anyone at Huel know?

If there was any other process then it would have been listed. Either way @JamesCollier is the man to confirm.

Hi @Lauren1 sorry I missed this.

Thanks for picking us up on this; that article isn’t clear and does need revising. We have a more detailed article coming out any day with much more in-depth info about all our ingredients.

The oats in Huel are milled, dehulled and heated to reduce rancidity and phytic acid.

James can you provide a rough estimate about the max temperature that the oats and other powders are heated? Also for how much time approximately?

Hey @JamesCollier , very curious on the heat treatment as @bogn asked. Any info on that? How long and at what temperatures?

Thank you

Not sure about Huel specifically – but all cereal/grains go through similar processes – typically, hydrothermal treatments are used and involve the addition of steam followed by drying in a kiln. The temperatures and times are dependent on the regulations of the country they are being produced in but the whole process is usually between 90-120 minutes end to end and temperatures between 80-100°C followed by a shorter period of lower temperatures. The high heat drying part accounts for roughly 50% of the processing time.

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Thanks @Phil_C ! I was continuing to peruse about this topic, can’t find the thread now, but saw a nutritionist at Huel post it was at 40 C, hence making the product qualify as “raw”.

Sorry was waiting for an answer from the technical team here! The oats go through a drying process to give then a stability status (low moisture) making then safe and ready to be consumed. So yes they are heat-treated to increase longevity of the whole end product, but they aren’t cooked per se, just dried. Hope that’s helpful!