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I know that that many people find porridge for example fills them up for a long time. However we are all different and in my case they seem to not last me very long. I feel not so great after eating them, I last longer on just a bowl of fruit and fibre cereal. I think it must be genetic as my mother is the same. (not a problem for dad lol- lucky him)

Anyway, this is obviously leading to a request to consider doing an alternative recipe that uses an alternative cereal/seed as a basis for those of us who oats don’t agree with, so that we can get the benefits of the huel revolution.

I should add that this is not a gluten thing- it is an oats thing! I was hoping that your gluten free version might have a different basis, but as I see it is still based on oats (which other-grain impurities removed) it would not solve my problem.

I know that I am not the only one. There are plenty of us who just don’t get the performance out of oats that the rest of you do:


Please consider us! :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Really sorry you aren’t getting along well with oats. Obviously we love using oats as the offer a low GI profile and a huge profile of vitamins and minerals. I do not expect us to review this any time soon, however if we did, do you have any suggestion on what may be an appropriate replacement to oats as our main carbohydrate source, considering their nutritional profile?

You thoughts will be very much welcomed.

Hi Tim,

I am not a nutritionist so I don’t know. But based on the fact that you
probably would like to avoid gluten to have the maximum customers then
maybe something based on potato/rice/masa harina could work? It would solve
my problem with the oats anyway. For me gluten wouldn’t be a problem as
long as the wheaty stuff used was equivalent to a wholemeal sort of bread…
Many thanks for your reply

Hi there. I would add too- some coeliacs also react to oats because avenin is such a similarly structured protein to gluten.

From my research I would imagine sorghum would be a good alternative to the oats. Being very drought and heat resistant means it is a very cheap crop to grow.

It has a commendable nutritional profile, and according to the ORAC scale (antioxidant properties) the darker varieties have some of the highest levels of all food!



Furthermore, as Sorghum is a genus of grass species, rather than a grain, Huel could make a claim of ‘grain free’ (an attractive offer to those who are keen on the paleo- diet, or those who are trying to avoid grains).

Thank you for drawing my attention to this. Just had a look at the macro- and micro-nutrient values. Very interesting and I like the idea of making Huel completely GF. Using this would lead to significant changes in the formula, such as increasing the fat sources we use as well as increasing the amount of vitamin and mineral blend we use since Sorghum has much lower micro-nutrient profile than oats.

Perhaps Huel 5.0? Thanks for the idea!

I agree that this sounds great. I would be most grateful if you would consider me as a tester for this, as I would really like to have the convenience of Huel, and bought a batch, but it unfortunately can’t keep me going.
Many thanks