Beggin ya for a Gluten Free version

How long do you think it will be before there will be a completely 100% gluten free version of Huel? most of my experiences with it have been fantastic apart from the same symptoms I normally get when I have non gluten free porridge oats instead of gluten free porridge oats.

And as far as the cost is concerned, I think that if you look at most gluten free products (such as bread) its usually more pricey than the normal, so if you want to up the price by a few quid I am pretty sure I would pay it.

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Hi @nickdutch

You are correct it’s a price issue at the moment. Gluten free oats are about double to three times the price.

Officially only 1% of the population are coeliac, so it’s difficult to justify increasing the price for 99% of people who don’t need it.

Having said that we would definitely like to make v2 gluten free. Due next year.

We have also considered a gluten free version but that does cause stock management and production issues, which are not ideal. The best solution is to switch to all gluten free and as we reach scale we should be able to get volume discounts which makes it cost effective.

Thank you very much for the reply. I can understand your concern, especially considering the stats on coeliac disease.

However, I am not a coeliac, but gain tremendous health benefits from having gluten free foods and get ghastly problems when i am “naughty” and eat gluten containing foods.

The doctors have been undecided as to whither it was an allergy, an intolerance or something else, but I have been diagnosed as not coeliac.

It is my opinion (and I am sure many would disagree) that some manner of intolerance has possibly more cases per capita than one might think.

If Huel can go 100% gluten free it would be fantastic (and probably very popular) as the product is such a great idea.


I tested negative for coeliac a few years ago, but I’m pretty sure eating wheat doesn’t agree with me. I tend to get an upset stomach and feel depressed for no reason. No problem with normal oats though.

It is certainly on the road map but the cost is a problem. How much extra would you pay for a gluten free version of Huel? 10%, 20%, 30%…100%?

Taking into account that with a bit of cleverness and a few on-line suppliers I can probably make my own version of huel that is gluten free and I can get the micros from a good provider of supplements, I would want to buy a gluten free huel in a convenient package, possibly smaller amounts such as a one third day (being one whole meal), 1 day - 3 day purchasable amounts on which you can have a premium.

The goal then would be for when I really don’t want to make myself a gluten free yeast free sugar free, dairy free, soy free vegan dinner because its all getting too much hastle to find the healthy foods or the foods that the doctor will actually allow me to eat, I just want a product that has done all the thinking for me, and that would be worth a premium.

Smaller packages (1/3 of a day, being ONE meal) could therefore be sold at nearly 1.75 times the price per weight of the 7 day amounts, and then declining on a sliding scale until its on the same price as regular huel for the two week packages would mean that you would benefit from volume sales of the gluten free product and an extra charge for “bggertion” for the smaller amounts thus making economies of scale more possible.

One of the biggest selling points of a perfectly balanced nutritional meal that’s gluten free, sugar free, yeast free, dairy free, soy free, egg free, and all that jazz is that once you know that its a perfect Free From food you don’t have to think any more.

No more label reading, no more hunting down food that you are actually allowed to eat. Just something with a nice long shelf life that can even make a good ingredient in your gram flour pancakes…

I think theres two types of Gluten issues really:-

  1. one is for people who just want to eradicate it from their diet, perhaps they have an intolerance, and thus its preferable for them to avoid gluten. However, if they were to have some bread, a pizza, some other type of gluten occasionally, it wouldn’t cause too much of an issue.

  2. Is people who have actual Coeliac disease, where any amount of gluten will make them violently ill with diarrhoea and extreme stomach pain. It is a genuine health condition and the only cure is a gluten free diet for life.

I would love for Huel to cater to those in category two, as so much gluten free ready made food is high in fat and carbs, so pursuing a healthy gluten free diet needs a lot of time, effort and money. I worry as well that whenever the gluten-free “thing” finishes, all those with a genuine medical illness will have major problems finding a healthy selection of food when dining out or in ready-made meals.

I commend your efforts in this product, just a shame that those with coeliac disease are missing out at the moment. Perhaps you could make a more expensive one just for coeliacs? Im sure given the benefits they could handle a reasonable price change, whilst regular users can keep on with the awesome v1 product.

I am in strong agreement with this. Although I don’t have coeliac disease, i am in the “sensitive to” category and if I have too much I can end up doubled over in pain or have nausea and it can set off another liver condition that I have.
So I can use Huel occasionally, but if I was to attempt to use it with the frequency that I want, then bad things could happen and have happened.
Its a brilliant product, but once its perfectly safe then i could use it more and even cook with it more. That includes pancakes and waffles.
Also I have friends who react more seriously to gluten and I don’t feel that its a good move to recommend the product to them if I feel that it could make them ill.
When Huel is a perfect “free from” food it will be ideal and you could even get clinics to recommend it to their patients as a supplement to their diet.

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I think you’d do well with a gluten free alternative. So many people interested in healthy eating believe they have a gluten intolerance or that gluten is bad. And they would pay a premium.

I personally wouldn’t want to pay more for Huel because it had become GF, the science behind the idea we are all gluten intolerant is very limited.

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We’re still constantly looking into this, don’t worry.

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Does anyone know how many parts per million contain gluten in the oats? I don’t really know what this means but my wife and daughter are coeliacs and my wife has asked me to check as she would like to try some :slightly_smiling:

I believe we’re doing this test currently to find out how many parts per million contain gluten. Hopefully we’ll have an answer for you soon.