After nearly 1 year of Huel

Not very scientific but:
I have been on Huel for nearly a year, I have it for 2 meals a day or 3 if i am working late and know that i won’t have a main meal in the evening.
I have recently discovered that i am Gluten sensitive and currently undergoing tests for coeliac disease.
I also suffer from ME/CFS for this i was taking vitamins at a cost of £50 a month or more.

Since i have been on Huel, I no longer take the vitamins, Huel forms part of my gluten free diet (and no i don’t use the gluten free version), I don’t have most of the symptoms anymore and I have the energy to do my two jobs to the best of my ability.

I wear my Huel T-shirts with pride and will happily tell anyone about Huel.


David, thank you so much for sharing this with us! Really pleased that Huel has been of such benefit to you over the last year :smiley: Keep it up and thank you for choosing Huel.

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I too became massively more healthy once I started on Huel. It makes no logical sense because I have never, ever been one to eat junk, snacks, sweets, take out, ready meals, bakery goods, etc… and have always only ever eaten healthy, yet I was severely malnourished since I simply wasn’t eating enough, but I did have fruit, veg, nuts, meat, dates and milk every single day, and eat twice a day. Well, now it doesn’t matter what I eat for my second meal of the day since one X 4 scoops of Huel a day keeps me in peak health. Weird but true.

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Out of interest, how many ppm of gluten are in regular vanilla Huel?



David, that’s really interesting you mention CFS. I am 23 and suffer, at work I am often ‘out of it’ and feel like I can’t do my job properly. I am taking steps to make it as manageable as possible and diet is definitely one of those I need to get in check.

Weight/fitness aside, do you feel Huel has helped with your CFS symptoms, in what way?


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Hi David, this is really useful.

I noticed great benefits from being predominantly Huel based diet with my energy levels.

I’m going back to it after feeling really too tired and bedbound for a week.

I’ve been 100% Huel before and noticed a marked energy increase.

HAHA I’m usually so against/shy about wearing company branded stash but it’s different with Huel! I wear my Huel Tshirts everywhere and happily explain it to anyone who asks xD Huel actually walks the talk, or I’d never be so proud of it :stuck_out_tongue: