Any chance of going gluten free?

I love the idea of trying this but as long as it has gluten I can’t. Free from lunches are hard to come by so something like this would be perfect. Is there any chance of you going gluten free any time soon?

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Yes we are on the case, should be live in approx 2 weeks.


That’s great news, thank you :smile:

That may actually be pretty great for people who want to try a gluten free diet without the complete hassle of a shopping list overhaul. :smiley:


"Huel is suitable for vegans and free from most potential allergens. However, the oats used in Huel may also contain traces of wheat, rye and barley and are therefore not registered as gluten-free."

“Coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis - the oats in Huel are not gluten-free so we suggest caution and Huel is not suitable for very sensitive individuals.”

Unless you’re coeliac, I’d consider it ‘gluten free enough’.


Aye but if you want to go gluten free you don’t really go 9 10ths of the way. Coeliac or no coeliac
Not saying anything about wither it has any effect on normal people, it just seems to be a trend diet with some people at the moment, and a gluten free version would probably interest some of them. As well as those with a srs problem.

I’d love to see it too. However my point is really that if you’re giving up gluten for fashion/testing reasons- the level of gluten withing Huel is low enough to be ignored I’d have thought. It’s not 9/10ths of the way, it’s more likely to be 99.9/100ths of the way.


This is worth a read:

Last time we tested Huel is was 17 ppm, which is official gluten free, but the gluten in oats varies from field to field so it’s very difficult to confirm that will always be the case, so we are planning to blend a version of Huel using gluten free oats.


I think it is worthwhile there being a separate gluten-free version. Nairns do that with their oatcakes.

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My wife is very Gluten sensitive, but has no issues whatsoever with Huel. Even flour in a bit of gravy sets her off, but we’ve been hueligans for 3 months with no downsides for her…

Obviously everyone is different, but if you aren’t going to have a dangerous reaction either way, just test it out with one of the sample pouches. You get the money back as a discount off your first proper order anyway…


Well, i guess i will get a lot of hate for this post.
I’ve got a few problems with gluten free:

  1. The price. Gluten free oats are more expensive and Huel is already pretty expensive (compared to other “soylents”). Only a few people need this level of gluten free.
  2. The hype: Every now and then there is a new hype: Considering the last 20 years, almost every food has been unhealthy or even poisonous. Thankfully these hype-people tend to forget things very fast (otherwise they would probably starve to death). Today everything is better if it is labeled as gluten free. But wheat has been a food for thousands of years and a few people survived these hellish years.
  3. The sustainability. Read “Why we need Huel” from the homepage. We have to produce food efficient. I expect, gluten free oats are pricey for a reason: It isn’t easy to grow, since you have to make sure there are no other grains near the field.

For these reasons: Create a “Gluten Free” version of Huel if you like, but keep the the original as it is… i like my gluten poor Huel.

Disclaimer: I hate reading texts containing many mistakes, too. English isn’t my first language, but I did my best with this post. Please don’t attack me on grammar/spelling, though feel free to attack me on content :wink:


As far as I have understood it, the gluten free option isn’t a replacement for the current version, but an alternative option.


@hunzas is correct, we will introduce a new gluten free version which will be slightly more expensive.

The original Huel will remain unchanged.


I am happy with the current offering, but if it was not significantly more expensive I may try the GF option, but for most people it shouldn’t be a concern.

@Stolen There is a difference between surviving and being healthy. Many people had awful diets in the past, but they survived. Doesn’t mean they were in good health though. It just means they stayed alive long enough to reproduce. Unless someone has a very severe allergic reaction to something, it won’t kill them.

I feel better when I drink Huel than when I don’t. I won’t die if I don’t get my Huel, though.

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I think its also a question of peace of mind for those of us who have been called gluten sensitive an for those of us who have health issues when taking products even with the smallest quantity of allergens. To have a PERFECT “free from” food source would give many people total peace of mind and unbelievable convenience. Having the base line of all the essential vitamins and minerals and also protein in a vegan source makes it even more attractive. Having Huel certified as gluten free 100% reliable woudl make the product perfect and make it less likely that I would eat badly when I don’t have time (because of work and life commitments) or energy (due to my chronic fatigue) to cook.
Seriously, chronic fatigue sufferers could be a target market ONCE the product is 100% known to be gluten free.


Posted in another thread … Btw awesome news on gluten free version :slight_smile:

I think theres two types of Gluten issues really:-
one is for people who just want to eradicate it from their diet, perhaps they have an intolerance, and thus its preferable for them to avoid gluten. However, if they were to have some bread, a pizza, some other type of gluten occasionally, it wouldn’t cause too much of an issue.

2 Is people who have actual Coeliac disease, where any amount of gluten will make them violently ill with diarrhoea and extreme stomach pain. It is a genuine health condition and the only cure is a gluten free diet for life.
I would love for Huel to cater to those in category two, as so much gluten free ready made food is high in fat and carbs, so pursuing a healthy gluten free diet needs a lot of time, effort and money. I worry as well that whenever the gluten-free “thing” finishes, all those with a genuine medical illness will have major problems finding a healthy selection of food when dining out or in ready-made meals.

I commend your efforts in this product, just a shame that those with coeliac disease are missing out at the moment. Perhaps you could make a more expensive one just for coeliacs? Im sure given the benefits they could handle a reasonable price change, whilst regular users can keep on with the awesome v1 product.

Tim just emailed me the link, enjoy fellow coeliacs!!

I’m also gonna post this on the Coeliac UK site.

Perhaps Huel could look at Coeliac UK sponsorship? Or advertising with them? Especially seeing as there are already esteemed, respected dieticians on board!

Thanks again guys, one happy coeliac here.


That’s great! Now the gluten free people can have Huel too, yet the rest of us can continue having regular Huel. Everybody wins.


I think I’ll buy a few more pouches incase it’s discontinued… I’m worrying that it’ll only be a limited time thing!!