Gluten free Huel availability

Hi all,

I’ve noticed that there are only 66 bags of GF Huel available.

Whilst this isn’t a necessity for my diet, I’ve opted to order two months worth in one go, to cover myself until the end of August (already got June’s supply sorted!).

@Julian @TimOfficeHuel is there any plan to bring GF Huel back when it sells out? Has it been doing well?!

I’m currently looking at other products just incase Huel doesn’t stay GF. But none offer the service and product that you guys do.

Thanks for bringing it to us.



I am also on the GF version. I will be another loyal customer lost if they are not able to continue with it.

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Actually… having read this…

“One of the main ingredients in Huel is oats. Oats themselves contain no gluten, but they are often grown in fields near wheat, barley, rye, etc, or transported in lorries that have transported wheat, etc, or processed in same factories. Therefore, to ensure oats are gluten free you have to create a separate supply chain, e.g. they must be grown in fields far away from wheat, etc, and transported in lorries that don’t carry gluten. As you can imagine this increases the cost of the oats significantly.” (Huel Website)

I wonder whether I will be just as ok with the normal huel. I am not coeliac and I am mostly trying to avoid wheat and where possible gluten. I am not on a strict GF diet.

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Then I would think you will be fine. There will only be trace amounts of gluten in regular Huel, if any.

Gluten free is coming back, no eta yet, but it’s in the pipeline.


My life is complete.


For me, this is quite important.
GF Huel is a special product.

As a GF nutrition nut and sportsman, if this product stays around for the forseeable - it may end up making 50% or more of my full diet. And that will be a lot as a 130kg man.

Fingers crossed that next month there will be more GF product when I come to re-order.

Regardless - as a fan of the product as a whole, I think most people will be better off using it, whether I miss out or not.

Unfortunately the GF Huel is now sold out.

I’ve managed to get my order for today, so I have a good stock to keep me going for now!

Fingers crossed it returns within the next two months before I run out…!

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The sooner GF comes back the better. I don’t feel any where near as bad on the GF version and its a PERFECT free-from food!

ARE you going to maintain regular stocks now you know that we will want to buy it? I don’t really ant to by the other version now I know how good the GF makes me feel!!!

There is a REAL tangible noticeable difference

I’m not sure if it’s my imagination or not, but I find the GF Huel thicker and believe it satiates my hunger A LOT better. I really hope it comes back in stock and on a regular basis. Being able to sign up to a recurring order of GF Huel would be brilliant!

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Where are you Gluten Free Huel! Another 3 months away? A week away? What are we to do!? :sweat_smile:

I just wanted to add @Julian that I did not order GF because I had enough Huel at home at the time it was available but I am waiting for GF to come back into stock before I refill my bucket. I hope that this might address some of my gas and acid issues as other posters described.

I thought it was important to let you know that the demand for GF is at least +1 than what your previous sales show!

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Huel gluten free should be back in stock next week.


Glad GF is in stock, however I bought up a month’s supply last month so this is why I’ve not ordered any yet! I’ll be ordering in August to refresh my stock😃 don’t worry I’ve not gone anywhere!