OH NO! Where is Gluten Free gone?

Hi all

I have just gone to order some Gluten Free Huel and it is out of stock - can anyone confirm when more will be available?

I haven’t had any diagnosis, but for me the standard Huel causes acid reflux / heartburn - the Gluten Free does not. Not sure if that amounts to a mild Gluten intolerance or not, but it makes a real difference to me as a customer.

It’s a real deal breaker, and I only have enough to last around 3 -4 weeks, any word on a date?



Always utilize the search function. There are a lot of helpful people here. Odds are if you have a question, it has been answered already.

Gluten-free Huel availability

(This thread was literally just five below the thread you started.)

yes, but unless I am being blind (quite possible) doesn’t tell me when it will be available?

eta = estimated time of arrival.

They are not sure when it will become available again. It was a pilot to see if it gluten free huel would be popular, presumably now they will set it up as a regular product.

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That is correct, we ordered an initial batch of gluten free oats and are waiting for a new delivery.