Heyy guys hope every one is doing well! :slightly_smiling_face:
Any chance some one wants to switch original huel to a gluten free one?
I realized I can’t have gluten it interacts with my meds :expressionless: bye bye bread pasta and other tasty foods :cry::joy:
Let me know. Thanks in advance. :grin:

I don’t know how sensitive to gluten you need to be but there is no difference in the ingredients between GF Huel and non-GF Huel.

The difference is how the raw ingredients are transported. With the GF they are always kept apart from ingredients containing gluten so they are certified as GF.

The non-GF ingredients are not kept apart from ingredients containing gluten so there may be small or trace amounts of gluten that finds its way into the non-GF version. My GF has Coeliac disease and has had the non-GF Huel powder before without issue.


Thanks for the link :slight_smile:
I do understand that coeliac disease is more serious then me having medication not working properly with gluten but non the less it’s inportant to me that they do work.
Ill stick to my gluten free one.
I truly feel better with out gluten and not just from huel but food in general.
I’ll miss proper pankakes :cry: