Non gluten-free Huel

How much of a disturbance would the non gluten-free Huel do to a coeliac patient?

What are the exact ingredients removed that “do the damage” for the gluten-free version?


Hi there. The difference between Huel and Huel Gluten Free is that the latter’s oats are certified gluten free. Oats are inherently gluten free, but cross contamination with other crops (namely wheat) is common, and that’s why standard Huel can’t be called gluten free. Huel have tested the gluten content of their original product before and got values like 17 ppm (parts per million), which qualifies as gluten free, but the original product doesn’t guarantee it in every pack.

Re: coeliac, I think it’s a case of someone extremely sensitive potentially getting an exceptionally contaminated batch and having a reaction to it. Probably anyone with coeliac who feels even tiny quantities can cause them significant problems should go for Huel Gluten Free for the assurance.
^^ Edit: Please see Dan’s post below, I might’ve understated the importance to stick to Gluten Free if coeliac.


Yeah, Huel, Huel Professional and Huel Gluten Free are all identical. You pay extra for the testing.

I wonder if any batches fail the tests, and how often.

That’s not quite accurate. Huel professional is identical to Huel v3, but every batch has been tested and certified.
Gluten free Huel is a different product: it is made with certified gluten free oats (regular Huel is made with regular oats) and is made in a separate facility to eliminate possible contamination. So, you are paying for different oats, not for the testing.


Flahvavan’s Irish porridge oats are usually alright with coeliacs because they are processed in a plant that only deals with oats. I assumed same for gluten free Huel.

If you have coeliac disease please go for the gluten-free Huel. It’s just not worth the risk especially as issues can be symptomless.