Nutritional differences in gluten free vs regular Huel


As the title, are there any nutritional or any other differences between gluten and regular Huel? Even minor differences?


Nope, it’s identical in everyway. Just the oats are Harvested and milled separately.

You say that, but I use the normal one, my wife the Gluten free and there is a very obvious difference when mixing it. I know there shouldn’t be, but the gluten free appears to be a lighter powder with less of the heavier darker particles in it. Certainly when left over night you can see the difference in sedimentation between the two sorts with the normal one having a more pronounced bottom dark layer. It also appears that gluten free is easier to get off the bottom of the container by shaking.

I’m guessing this is just a production batch difference, or perhaps my normal Huel is an older recipe as the Gluten only arrived at the tail end of last week.

Just the oats then? Thanks! I’ll give it i ago

As long as the nutritional profile is the same. I presume the oats contribute to the consistency

Yeah, as far as I’m aware.

@Julian has already commented about this on another thread.

Enjoy your huelling!

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