Are the oats gluten free?

Wondering whether the ingredients used are gluten free esp oats? I have intolerance to gluten, wheat and egg white. I know other people with similar conditions. Please can you throw some light on this? Thanks

The oats used are not strictly gluten free. However, most people intolerant to gluten are ok with oats. Non-GF oats may be contaminated with gluten from being harvested near to wheat or from being used in the same factory that processes wheat. GF oats, are harvested and stored in special conditions to ensure they’re GF.

Is it possible to launch a gluten free range so that those who have sensitivities to Gluten can also feel at ease?
I have noticed that the ingredients are very good when it comes to allergens in general and so its evidently a fantastic product, but there does seem to be an increase in Gluten issues these days so could I put in a “pretty pretty please” request that totally gluten free versions come at some point?

This seems like a fantastic way to add to ones diet.

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Hi Nick

This is indeed, something we’re looking into.

Although diagnosed cases of Coeliac disease and dermititis herpetiformis are increasing, there does seem to be a lot of ‘self-diagnosed’ cases of gluten intolerance.


Hi - interested to know whether there is any update on a gluten-free variety? I’m a fan and user of Huel but find ‘over-eating’ does aggravate much like over eating other gluten containing products. Would definitely be interested in using a gluten-free variety. Thanks.

Hi @hsjs

We are looking into a GF version and we are indeed, hopeing to release one - check back and we’ll keep you updated

Just seconding this. My wife is Coeliac (and we suspect one of our daughters is also). They want to join me on Huel…

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I have suffered with IBS for some time and have found that whilst I don’t have an intolerance to gluten, it definitely aggravates my symptoms.

Any progress on the gluten free version? I’m a couple of weeks into using huel and am getting over the initial cramps etc that I put down to an adjustment to higher protein and fibre intake but have noticed a slight increase in my IBS related discomfort. Not enough to stop, but enough to wonder if it is related to the oats used in huel…

We actually released a gluten free version the other day!