Coeliac Disease & GF Huel

Does anyone on here have Coeliac disease and eat GF Huel?

I’m gluten intolerant, and I’m actually able to get away with the ordinary version of huel, no issues at all, been using it for a long while now.

So I’d assume you’ll be more than safe with the gf version. :slight_smile:

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GF for me, celiac. i have some reactions to special gluten-free foods so tend to stay away from them (legally they still contain some ppm, which seem to be enough to disturb me, i doubt its thourough).

no reactions from GF-huel or flavourings though,
so keeping it up.
80 percent hueling since october.
i drop a powdered enzyme in to keep my gut happy longterm and have had 0 issues whatsoever vs issue with glutenfree supermarket oats etc (very, very nauseous and skin outbreaks)…

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