How gluten-free are the GF Instant Meals, Black, and Daily Superblend?

Are each of these tested at <20ppm per batch like the GF powder is? Are they made in GF facilities to prevent cross-contamination? I am needing to be really strict about gluten exposure and would love more clarity on this! I’m in the US if that matters.

Personal context:

I’ve been eating/drinking Huel products for while and it’s gotten me through some really tough medical times – the one thing that always made me feel better when I was bedridden for months with Lyme etc. I also developed celiac/coeliac disease with the tick borne diseases and have been a vegan for years. Having something easy and nutritious that checks all those boxes was a huge (and potentially literal) lifesaver for me. I am anti-capitalism and hate loving companies but I do begrudgingly love Huel, LOL.

I just had my celiac blood tests re-done and my antibody levels are still high, which means there’s still a small amount of gluten in my diet somehow. Am thinking it might be because I’ve been eating the non-gluten free powder v3.1. I plan to switch to gluten-free v3.0, but I am bummed that there is no U&U option. I plan to experiment combining U&U black edition with gluten-free powder and daily superfood, and I am really really hoping I can also keep eating the GF instant meals – particularly Mexican chili :blush:

I’d also LOVE to have a bar that’s gluten-free! I relied on the old bars when biking/running, as emergency rations in my backpack etc. and it was a huge bummer when they were replaced with the new ones that feature gluten so prominently. I don’t care if the GF bars are like flavored cardboard, the convenience and nutrition is all that matters to me. LMK how many I have to buy for you to bring this option back and I’ll get a second job to start saving :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Wyatt! While these products aren’t necessarily produced in gluten-free facilities, we do test every single batch of GF Instant Meals, Black Edition and Daily Superblend for traces of gluten, and they are only released for sale if said test comes back as <20ppm gluten. :blush: We also have strict measures in place to prevent cross-contamination, such as thorough line clean-downs and protective sealing on the bags themselves. You’re in safe hands :handshake:

Our v3.1 Powder is not gluten-free itself - we use oats that may have been contaminated with gluten. This might explain the antibody test result you had recently if you’ve been consuming it regularly. I’d recommend making the switch to Black Edition U&U!

I hear you on the bar front - we really wanted to get the texture right this time around for all those Hueligans who don’t agree with you that flavored cardboard is acceptable :smile: and we managed to achieve it, but at the expense of our gluten-free certification. I really get this isn’t the news you’d hope for as someone with celiac disease, and I’ll be sure to pass your comments on to the relevant team :hugs:

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