Gluten free vs Original Huel

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Just wondering what peoples experiences with gluten free huel is in comparison to original huel. I would like to cut the amount of gluten I eat (after reading wheat belly, and knowing I have IBS) and substituting one to two meals a day seems like a reasonable way to do that.

I am hesitant to try it without knowing what the consistency and taste is like vs. original huel. Any experiences of changing from normal huel to gluten free? How was it different, how was it similar, is it worth making a change?

Cheers guys!

They really are identical;

In fact, the amount of gluten in the orginal is pretty minute;

Edit; also slightly cheeky question, but did you use the search function before asking this? As you can see it is all already covered, but if you looked and couldn’t find this I’m wondering if the search function needs to be improved?

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I don’t mean to sound “cheeky” myself, @Quidditch. Honest. I don’t. But I’ve been dying to ask you a question. Do you work for Huel?

Like I’m wondering can we send you, @Quidditch, our suggestions to improve other technical functions of, and recommend new features for the web site? Is that something you do as an official Huel employee?

Serious question. Genuine curiosity. Thanks in advance for your answer.

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Unfortunately, Quidditch doesn’t work for us. However, feel free to create a thread on this forum (we all browse it often), PM me or any of the staff members floating around on here, or send us an email at if you have any ideas. We genuinely do listen to all feedback, so it’s always worth sending us an email if you have an idea/see an improvement.


Roger Wilco @Gulliver_Huel :¬)

The Control + F feature is really neat! I’d never come across that feature before seeing it here.

I’ll drop you a line some time @Gulliver_Huel with some ideas. Thanks :¬)

I did actually search, but honestly, I was just about to leave for work and I was a little lazy (one of the personality traits that led me to liquid food, and huel). I never actually gave any post a look… for shame.

I do appreciate the replies though! I figured it would be ‘different’ as I’ve had gluten free oats and they don’t quite make porridge like normal oats - so was just trying to clear it up really.

I ended up impulse buying a sample with a batch of huel bars - So I’ll clear up my own question soon! And update the post for prosterity, so hopefully a lazy, no gooder can find it easy enough :slight_smile:


Totally anecdotally, the gluten free seems to be no different in taste, but for whatever reason it seems smoother, despite no change in my recipe minus the gluten free huel.

There also seemed to be a little more goop on the sides of the blender. But could a one off.

Verdict: Very similar!

I have Celiac Disease and must have Gluten Free. Unfortunately, their Gluten Free products are not labled ‘GF’ nor Gluten Free. Very disappointing.

Well[quote=“Margie_Savage, post:8, topic:5432, full:true”]
I have Celiac Disease and must have Gluten Free. Unfortunately, their Gluten Free products are not labled ‘GF’ nor Gluten Free. Very disappointing.

Apart from the words “gluten free” written all over it…

Am I missing something here?

I ordered Gluten Free and received 2 bags…no GF symbol and no Gluten Free writing anywhere. My receipt says Gluten Free. I contacted them and they are sending out 2 more bags for free. Hoping they say Gluten Free or I can’t use.