Gluten Free Huel Review

I’ve been a big fan of huel for a while- but unfortunately I’ve never been able to drink it for more than a few days without feeling ill (due to gluten).

The gluten free variety is great news! Purchased some and can already feel the difference- no cramps or other unpleasant symptoms! Thanks a lot for an allergen- free product that is very affordable- Fingers crossed that it’s popular enough for the subscription service to become avaliable and discounts with bulk orders (like the default huel).

(Also a big fan on the dark stained mixer bottle that comes with the gluten- free variety). Thanks again!


Seconded. It’s making my daily macros really easy. I’d plan on buying £50worth every 10 days if I kept going at this rate. Love it!

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I’ve purchased a second batch, just incase it sells out (GF wise).

Some of my friends have also signed up and purchased an order! Really good to see my Huel propaganda is working!!


am I correct in saying(asking), Huel gluten free is exactly the same as Huel(original) in taste and nutritional contents the only difference is the way the oats and sourced and transported? I don’t know if I have a gluten allergy but I’m confident if I had an allergy test they would tell me to cut it out as that seems to be the default answer most my friends get. I’m tempted to try it for a few weeks and see if I notice any difference to the way I feel.

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Yes, this is the only difference. Otherwise they are completely identical.

Second , as well.
We ordered a 28Day Gluten Free pack , we are into day 5 now. doing breakfast and lunch time Huel, No cramps , feel good can only get and feel better. :heart_eyes:

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I will try it ASAP I finish my original Huel batch… :slight_smile:

Now I’m getting nervous that they will run out of Gluten Free Huel! :cold_sweat:

I feel nervous too… But I have three bags remaining! I’ve managed to finally put on more weight (which was near impossible to do healthily prior to Huelling).

Going 100% Normal Huel vs 100% Gluten Free Huel is the best way to test if your body reacts to gluten in general :smiley: I just ordered my first batch of Gluten Free Huel, can’t wait to give it a try, though should be vary of placebo… :wink:

Best test is endoscopy and biopsy of small intestinal wall. The sample looks at the micro villi.

As for placebo effect - really it’s gonna take 6 months to be sure there isn’t a placebo effect taking place I guess.

Best of luck with it! And don’t forget if you need a full answer you’ve always got other options.

Sure, but that’s hard to do on your own :wink:

If 6 months is what it takes to test for drawbacks of gluten, then I don’t think those drawbacks are severe enough if you can’t even feel a difference before months… :wink:

If I feel absolutely no dfferent after a month of Gluten Free, then I’m probably going back to normal Huel. Or maybe read up on Gluten before I make that decision.

Oh yeah, granted you may feel improvement immediately.

However the mind is a powerful thing, and to be sure that improvement lasts - my consultant recommended me a gluten free diet for life, but to feedback after six months to be sure it’s working. He mentioned that in other persons that this is used to clear any placebo effect. And in coeliacs it is used to see how much healing has occurred to the gut lining.

I wish you luck anyways! Any Q’s I’ll be happy to answer (as a gluten free Hueller!)