Option to pay monthly?

Hi, would love an option to be able to have a monthly subscription rather than weekly.

I get paid monthly, so will be having to manually change the date each month else.


4 weekly
can do that

I think HuelDaz means the option of his subscription being on the same day each month (probably on or just after payday) for example every month on the 28th. This doesn’t work with every 4 weeks.


Yep, exactly that.
Hoping it might be an easy thing to set up or include?

Or maybe an option for 4.286 weeks at the bottom if weekly is the only way?

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Yea that’s what I do. I change each month to match pay day so payments not going out twice in a month. :heart_eyes:

Love that idea, will be sure to pass it on :slight_smile:



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Isn’t this something that can be set up by emailing customer support? I’m sure I’ve seen it posted in the past.

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yes they can set it manually for you


Ah that is v useful to know, thanks @Phil_C - I get various bits of income at different dates (seemingly random!) but my pension always comes out on the same date so I’ll have to get around to doing that.

Ok good to know. Once i have a definite idea of what i need each month i’ll give that a go. Unless an option appears before then. Many thanks