I have just subscribed to Huel, and I was wondering when they would take the money. Would this be on dispatch date? Or before? Also, I changed the date from the next delivery of the 29th March, to the 1st April. Does that mean they will take payment on the first of April? I just don’t want a nasty surprise of the next payment coming out before I get paid (which is the last day of every month). Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Robbo. The money is usually taken on dispatch date.

Usually? Does that mean it could come out earlier? Also, if I have updated my saved payment method, will it still take it from the payment card of the first batch you order first? Sorry about all of the questions. I am new to this haha.

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I can only speak from my experience. Ok, it has always been taken on day of dispatch :smile:

Haha thank you. One last question. Am I able to change card for the way that I pay my subscription? I can see that you can add a card, but surely they just take the money from the original payment of the first subscription, as I didn’t have any saved cards anyway.

That’s something I have not done. I am sure there will be a way to make whichever additional payment card the default one. I choose to pay through PayPal.

Thanks for all of your help :smile:

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You’re welcome :grin: