Order confirmed - but not on site

I received an order confirmation email yesterday. However, on the main website under my account, I cannot see any order history - stuck at 77% and just flashes the background in a processing loop. Site broken? Something possibly wrong with my order?

It seems to take ages for orders to appear in your order history. If you’ve received the order confirmation and they’ve taken payment, your order will likely be on the way :slight_smile:
The account area of the website needs some work… especially when it comes to displaying order status

Seems like it needs a major overhaul from what different people are saying and new website technicians

Can I ask what browser you’re using? Customers using Internet Explorer or Edge tend to have this issue.

No need to worry, this shouldn’t mean anything wrong with your order at all. However if you would like reassurance of this, please get in touch on live chat, social channels or email so we can look into this for you :slight_smile:

It’s okay. I used many browsers, that wasn’t the issue. There is some kind of problem with the site. I did get a generated email with tracking, so I should be okay. Thanks.