Plant protein

Please watch the first 2 minutes of:

Is he correct when saying about Huel:

a. protein level is way too low
b. with plant protein you need more than 1.6-22 per kg bodyweight anyway owing to shortage of lysine

Thank you

The guy is a knob tho. So I didn’t read the link


But what of the points:

  1. 20g of protein (Huel RTD) is simply not enough

  2. If plant protein, owing to shortage of lysine amino acid you actually need MOE plant protein (compared to animal protein)

Huel easily provides protein at the 1.6-2.2g/kg level if that’s what anyone wants. I’m 75kg, so 2g/kg is 150g protein. 2000kc of Huel v3.1 gives me exactly that amount. Bingo.

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Yes but what of the point made in the video that more protein is needed if it is not animal protein owing to the lack of certain amino acids?

Huel has a page explaining their formula. Lysine is mentioned there.

Nobody wants to watch that guy’s video to find out exactly what he’s saying because he’s fucking unbearable.


Yes, grotesque and unwatchable.

He says Huel is ‘crap’, because he personally doesn’t prefer liquid foods, and crucially because he thinks 20g of protein isn’t enough to be called ‘a meal’. The guy is dissembling. There are plenty of excellent low-calorie meals available, for those who want them, and also many that contain much more protein. From a salad to a nut roast, they’re all ‘meals’. 20g protein is plenty for lots of people and lots of reasons.

He’s lazily misleading his viewers around the unspecified notion of living 100% on RTD, and using his apparent personal dissatisfaction with that idea to dismiss the whole brand.

David said it right. Don’t bother.


That is interesting, thanks

“Me man. Man eat food. Drink not food.”


Personally I’ve done runs of eating only Huel hot and savory for months, 3 meals a day, while training hard and building muscle and strength. This guys is an absolute joke, flat out.
The massive intake of protein that has been part of the bodybuilding evangelism has been debunked, you don’t need massive amounts of protein of 2g pr. kg. bodyweight, you barely need half and for maintenance, which is in the drink, it’s even less needed…

Not talking about people with eating disorders or regular illness, when have you last heard of someone with a protein deficiency in a developed country?

20g of protein in a 400kcal meal is more than adequate for most people. Are you bulking or training hard? Eat/drink more, it’s not hard math…


b. Pea protein is actually high in lysine and the main source of protein in most Huel products so I don’t get what he’s talking about.

Yes, it’s no secret that James Smith isn’t our biggest fan :sweat_smile: but is what he’s saying actually true?

  1. The actual recommended daily intake of protein sits at 0.75g/kg body weight/day. Most people meet or exceed this amount day to day without even trying, which is great. Aiming for more protein than this is fine, especially if you’re looking to feel satiated after your meals and snacks, or you partake in exercise. The 1.6-2.2g range James Smith mentions would only really be suitable for someone trying to build some serious muscle, and who trains regularly. Of course, for James specifically, or people his weight, the particular product he picked up might not be the most optimal choice for his goals, but Huel offers a wide range of meals with higher protein content, right up to our Black Edition, which supplies 40g of protein per meal. Otherwise, 20g is often a suitable amount for the general population.

  2. The combination of plant proteins we use provides a complete amino acid profile, suppling all nine essential amino acids, including leucine. I’d recommend reading more about this here, to understand where James might be coming from, as well as the leucine content of Huel meals.


I think if a ‘personal trainer’ is peddling Ozempic on his channel, you’d basically have to take anything he says with a shed load of salt :slight_smile:


He is a total tool.
There is no real RDA for protein some suggest 0.8 x bodyweight.
Obviously some meals will have more protein than others.
The other night I had a bowl of bbq sauced cheesy chips. Obviously this Huel drink proved better nutritional values. The man failed to mention the hundreds of other freshly prepared meals that have less than 30g (or at least 20g) of protein.


The real problem is that you’re getting your nutrition advice from Youtube. You should try TikTok!

Just avoid the tide pods, that was a mistake



It’s on Tik Tok and for advice I was posting here