Random huel related stuff- female nutrition, lols, and lazy

So there have been a few things I’ve wanted to make topics about but they didn’t really seem worthy of one each so I thought I would throw some random stuff out there into the forum. Some have blogs and I’m not much of a blog type but maybe this will become a ‘random huel thoughts that don’t fit anywhere’ blog, feel free to add if you too have things you want to share but don’t think they’re worthy of their own thread.

Women of Huel: You would think as products like SlimFast were always targeted at women, that huel would be more popular with women, but this suggests otherwise. How do nutritional needs vary between men and women? They market multivitamins ‘for men’ and ‘for women’, but is there anything that women should be supplementing with or is it just marketing? (ok that might have been worth a topic)

Delivery Stuff:
Vielen Dank! - one of my huel deliveries had a German ‘thank you’ note in it instead of the English one. Gave me a little laugh.
My DPD guy didn’t ring the doorbell! I waited for him and even put jeans on instead of PJs to look like more of a functional human. He left it with a neighbour.

Huel makes me so lazy (in terms of food prep). I love cooking, but more and more often my meals are becoming ‘random assortments of items on a plate with minimal effort to cover major food groups without being complete junk food’. I think for efficiency.

Also, are we a cult? I love huel so much now, but sometimes if I talk about it, it seems very odd and feel like if I suggest it to people that I’m initiating them into the huel cult.

Finally, how nice is this forum? Browse while you post, well optimised for desktop AND mobile. All for a product that has 4 options and some flavourings.


Agree with you 100% on the newfound laziness about cooking. I used to love cooking healthy food but now it’s as if when I want healthy I have huel, when I want savoury/solid food I have junk such as crisps or those mexican or Thai coated peanuts. I hate myself for this but I think it’s because I would like to be 100% Huel so I don’t have the amount of ingredients for other meals I used to have at home. So if I feel like cooking a pad Thai or shepherds pie or whatever I don’t have the ingredients to hand. Better planning is probably the answer but I’m not much of a planner.

Delivery has been exceptional for me. Our regular DPD driver is brilliant and will leave things in a prearranged place. Several times I expect to be home in time to catch him but then I see him driving off just as I get there. My heart no longer sinks because I know he will have hidden it somewhere. He also delivers the dog food I buy on line so comes to our house quite regularly.

As for the female v male nutrition, that’s definitely a question for @JamesCollier. I’d never thought of that but it’s an interesting one. I remember reading this though, which is related…

Pregnancy & lactation - Huel is fine to use during pregnancy and for nursing/lactating mothers, but it should not be the sole source of nutrition as there are different nutritional requirements during this period.

Thanks for starting a random thread. I constantly find myself unintentionally hijacking other people’s threads with my random musings! :slight_smile:



I’m wondering about the women thing, I think it’s possibly used less by women because it’s not marketed for weight loss. There is huge societal pressure on women to be thin and women are bombarded with marketing on slimming products, perhaps there’s just so much slimming white noise Huel doesn’t get a look in?!

Our DPD driver is great, no problems here :slight_smile:

I can see where you’re coming from, with Huel making it easy to be lazy, I guess having kids helps, I tend to put all my food prepping energy into planning healthy evening meals that everyone will eat. If I didn’t have all those hungry mouths to feed each night I could probably get very lazy :wink:

I know what you mean about it being a little ‘cult like’, my husband and I are always talking about how, if everyone knew about Huel, then people would find weight loss so much easier. It’s also got so many applications, like helping people with digestive tract issues like ulcerative colitis or post-op recovery, etc, so you do feel like telling everyone about it :joy:

So, what are you using Huel for, weight loss, lifestyle? :slight_smile:

Lifestyle mainly, I don’t want to lose weight really (although I have a few blouses that would look better if I were just a little slimmer!)
I had difficulty eating a solid breakfast on work days, so that is what got me started. But since I’ve taken it to it so well, I’m also using it on non work days. I’m not diabetic but I was having occasional low blood sugar, haven’t had any problems since using huel. And I had some signs of vitamin deficiencies too. So generally to be healthier. I’ve cut down on sugar too.

Another random thing- with the advertising algorithms these days that base ads on browsing history- huel adverts are everywhere! Seems wasted on me since I already buy it! Wish the algorithms would know what someone already uses.

Fair enough :slight_smile: I’m not diabetic, but I do find that Huel keeps my blood sugar nice and even preventing massive sugar cravings :smiley:

If it’s Facebook that’s advertising Huel to you, you can go into the deep dark depths of the Facebook settings and ‘unselect’ all the things it’s decided you’re interested in (it’s actually pretty creepy as each one comes with a justification like ‘we have selected this because you clicked on such and such article…’, stalker much!) If you do that the algorithm can’t tailor ads to your so called preferences. I like to do it every now and then just to fuck with it :wink:


Hi guys

The multivitamins targeted at males and females is just a marketing thing. Sure there are slightly different requirements, mostly that men have slightly higher requirements, but this is usually supplied by a larger calorie intake. Huel at 2,000 calories, meets requirements for both men and women.

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Thanks James!
So let’s look at m/f marketed vitamins and their comparison to Huel
This is a big brand multivit, the ‘MAX’ version which for both male and female versions come with an additional omega 3-6-9 capsule and calcium+vit D capsule.vitamincomparison
Huel is on the right for a rough comparison.
Black dot= present in both
Red dot= not present in both
Green dot= female level higher than mens
Pink dot= female (& male) level higher than huel

On the product page, it doesn’t state why they’ve added higher levels of specific vitamins. Huel’s website explains why certain ones are higher than the NRV. I like the depth of information Huel gives.
Seems to me the targeted vitamins are mainly trying to jack up energy levels, using slightly different ingredients to do so.

Only thing would be the calorie requirements for men and women. E.g if women generally need less than 2000 calories and are going 100% huel, then taking perhaps half of a relatively inexpensive multivitamin would do the trick in making up the difference. Then again, I’ve never found multivitamins to be terribly effective, Huel seems to be absorbed a lot better.

Of course, as I think was mentioned somewhere else, if there were to be a ‘Huel light’ then it’d open the floodgates to more demands for keto huel, organic huel, super-protein huel, kryptonite huel, blah blah.

The nutrition info on the Huel site and this forum has renewed my interest in nutrition, which I was quite interested in a few years ago.

That I am aware of. But what does that practically mean, if e.g. …
a) a 50kg woman eats her daily need of 1500 kcals with huel only
b) an 80-100kg woman eats 1500 kcals of huel only, to lose weight

In case a) I would not expect problems, as I guess her demand of vitamins/minerals should be lower, too.
But what about case b)? Would there be a risk of lacking some vitamins/minerals? Or does the demand of them have more to do with lean body mass than with total body mass?

If a woman consumes less than 2,000 calories of Huel and nothing else, she may not be getting enough of all the vits and mins - she may well be, but this isn’t guarenteed. You are correct wth (a) and with (b) yes demand is related to lean body mass, like you say.

This is no different to eating 1500 calories of solid foods. You’re still not likely to get all the nutrients you need. In fact, because Huel is suggested ( I say that because I’m no nutrition expert) to be nutritionally balanced, you’re better off cutting with huel than with other meal plans that just look after calories and NOT nutrition.

I had huel for lunch and dinner today, but as I usually use it for breakfast, I accidentally put coffee in my dinner. Oops, no sleep for me!

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Witches fingers from the huel newsletter, with parmesan instead of nutritional yeast.


Nice one! They actually look terrifying. How did they taste? Happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern:

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I had one straight out of the oven and it tasted like vegetable stock to be honest. I will try one cold today. I think I might make another batch with some herbs and spices added in. The chilli end was a shock.