Ready to drink giving me a headache?

Hi! I replace two of my meals every day with RTD (chocolate version 1) and ever since I started to drink it Ive been getting headaches 2-3 hours after drinking it. I like the drink, tastes good and I’m already starting to see results with weight loss so I want to make this work and so I was wondering If anyone has had a similar experience with theirs and whether there’s a hack to avoid the headaches?

Also, probably an unrelated note but the chocolate flavour I have all tastes gooey - I’ve only had the cinnamon swirl before and this is my first time trying version 1 of the drink so not sure wha to expect as the cinnamon one didn’t have this issue - is this how its supposed to taste? Thanks, Tom

If you don’t enjoy the taste and it gives you a headache I’d suggest trying something else. Lots of other flavours and products to choose from.

Otherwise best to proceed by a process of elimination. In your thread complaining about the labelling you mentioned giving out bottles to family and friends whilst in your car. Has this given any of them headaches?

How much water do you tend to drink each day?

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@Tristan question is an important one, we sometimes find customers who are consuming RTD tend to drink less water as they also view it as included water intake and starting drinking less water than before which can dehydrate you bringing on headaches.

If you wanted us to look into this a bit more for you please reach out to our customer experience team at