Ready to Drink use by time


The Huel website says you should drink a ready to drink bottle within 12 hours, I’m wondering how strict is that?

If it still tastes fine at around 24 hours, and smells fine, and has been in the fridge the whole time, is it still good (I like to have half a bottle in the mornings and half in the afternoon, but if I don’t have it in the afternoon, I’m wondering if it might still be okay the next morning).

Is the timing an absolute, does the nutrition really go after 12 hours?


I think you’ll be ok. If it passes the sniff test it’s fine.

My mum says I should wear clean underwear every day and not following her advice hasn’t harmed me. I just smell a bit funny…

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Hey there! Thanks for posting a great question :slightly_smiling_face:

To confirm, the 12-hour timing is not absolute, and our recommendation is more concerned with taste and texture as opposed to nutrition and safety. If you’re ever in doubt if your Huel is safe to consume, the smell and taste tests are your best bet!

Hope this helps :pray:

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