40 hours in fridge, good to drink?

Accidentally left a bottle of 3 scoops Black Edition mixed with water in the office fridge. By the time I reach it, it will have been 40 hours since making. What do we think?

It won’t do you any harm but I do find it tastes a little different (not as nice) after more than about 24 hours or so.

If it fizzes on your tongue like licking a battery though, may need to get the fridge repaired.


We recommend consuming after 24hrs however, while we wouldn’t recommend you consume your Huel after this period it wouldn’t have gone ‘off’, so the choice is yours!

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Do you mean “within”?


I’d drink it as long as it smelled/tasted ok.


After 40 hours Huel is deadly poisonous

I sometimes drink mine two days after making it. Haven’t noticed much change in the taste either. So if your office fridge is working right and people don’t leave the door open, you can drink it and you won’t die.

If it’s gone off, you’ll know immediately, and you won’t drink enough to make you die.


YES! :joy: definitely within