Really bad solubility and texture - pls improve

Can’t think anyone will bother to make a video like that. Shame really :stuck_out_tongue:


Alpro toasted almond (unsweetened) immediately makes the Huel gloopy when you put it in - rather curious - it’s OK when you mix it in thoroughly though.

I’ve watched the video before but it goes too fast for me… Is that all written down somewhere? I mostly just use water. Sometimes a couple of hundred ml of almond milk to thicken the Berry Huel.

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Hahahah good move Tim

PS. I put the night before in the refrigerator Huel with oat milk. It was the most horrendous drink I have drunk ever. Argg was extremely sweet and that milk didnt have any sugar, it was weird

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Yeah, I had to hit pause a few times to see what’s what.

I did find that for most of the categories, Almond came out at or near the preferable end of the spectrum, which made me happy since it’s what I use (when I use one). Actually, I’ve taken to an almond/cashew mixture, but that’s relatively recently on the market, so I’m not surprised it wasn’t included in the video.