Recreating the ready-to-drink at home

I am new to Huel and got started by grabbing the ready to drinks (RTDs) when on the go. I was such a fan of the flavour and texture, I bought some of the powder.

I’ve tried to re-create the flavour/texture of the RTD with the powder and find it is always much more grainy etc - not nearly as good as the pre-made.

Does anyone have the recipe to recreate the RTDs at home?


It can’t be done as they are different products using different ingredients and different manufacturing methods. The closest you will get is using a little milk of your choice to replace some of the water, a VERY high speed blender and leaving it to rest in the refrigerator a while so the whole of the powder is fully absorbed into the liquid.

There are many threads on here for the same subject with various suggestions on different methods.



I even would say, blend first the huel powder very very fine, and then the water.

You need to make it fine as fuck, but if you bleny from the beginning huel+liquid, you wont be able to make the huel finer, just a better blend.

Thats my fast suggestion.

Another suggestion is adding a thickener, blend the powder and then blend using more liquid. It will need some adjustments until reaching the perfect proportion